15 Tarot Decks for Experienced/Advanced Tarot Reader Students

Hi Tarot Tribe it’s Ethony and I wanted to share with you my top 15 Tarot Decks for Advanced and Experienced Tarot Readers and Students.

I recently made a video on my top decks for Beginners so of course I had to make this list too! As mentioned in that video, this is a subjective topic. We all like different things.

With that in mind, this is what I recommend. As with everything I share, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

One of the main selection criteria for my choices is where decks have their own systems or that have challenged or changed the more traditional meaning of the Tarot. This can be a few cards, the art or all of them.

I still highly recommend to people to learn a system and branch out from there, but you also have to do what you feel drawn to do.

I know many Tarot students and readers who have started with decks on this list. There is no right or wrong way to learn and work with the Tarot.

I don’t own all of the tarot decks in the world, these are just some in my collection I would recommend to a friend and to students.

I also want to say that you only need one Tarot deck. While many Tarot readers and students have more than one deck it is not a requirement. You can be just as successful a Tarot reader with one or twenty decks.

The list below is in no real order. Alright now to the main event!

My Top 15 Tarot Decks for Advanced Tarot Readers/Students!

1. Japardize Tarot

The suits of this deck have been changed and so have the Tarot Court. It is a stunning deck with beautiful art.

One of the great things about this deck is that it has a little guide on a card to show you some of the changes they made which will help people who are new to this deck.

2. Fountain Tarot

I feel like this deck is a modern classic in the Tarot community and for good reason. The art is like having an art gallery in your pocket.

I have it on my more advanced list as the artwork is modern and doesn’t have a lot of the symbols of the more traditional Tarot decks. Knowing a little bit about the Tarot can help you access the wisdom and magic of this deck and it has a lot to share.

3. Tarot of the Sidhe

If you are, like me a fan of the Fae and the Sidhe, then this deck will probably speak to you.

The keywords on the cards will help you work with the deck. It is rich in messages and myth. Each of the cards has a personality that is connected to a fae.

This deck comes with a book that is really wonderful to help you learn the cards since it definitely has its own system.

4. The Wild Unknown

I don’t know many people in the Tarot community who doesn’t know the Wild Unknown Tarot deck.

I put this extremely popular deck on this list because the Minor Arcana is very pip like.

The Tarot Court and the Major Arcana are animal based, so it is a departure from more traditional Tarot decks. Some people prefer people in their decks and some people prefer animals in their decks. It is just down to personal preference.

It now comes as a set and has been published, which is awesome for people who have had their eye on the deck for some time.

5. Gaian Tarot

This deck is one of the most divine modern Tarot decks. It’s diverse, modern and healers delight.

It is perfect for those who are on a spiritual journey and connected to the flow of Gaia and the Moon. Joanna Powell Colbert has created such a gift to the Tarot community and the book is awesome. I have both editions of this deck.

6. Dark Goddess Tarot

The Dark Goddess Tarot is unlike any other Tarot deck on the market.

The Goddesses are from all over the world and working with it allows you to work with so many faces of the divine feminine. It has its own system and I highly recommend the guidebook if you feel drawn to work with this deck.

I don’t yet own the Tarot of the Crone, which is now back in print, but it is another creation from Ellen Lorenzi-Prince and would also be on this list if I owned it.

7. Dreams of Gaia Tarot

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot has its own system, extra cards and is just a visual fucking delight of a deck.

It is very Pagan and elementally connected. I have been working with this deck for my own personal readings as it helps me expand and see the Tarot in a new way.

The guidebook has been thoughtfully written by the artist and it is a big book giving you a lot of depth to the cards.

8. The Wildwood Tarot

Oh Will Worthington, you’ve created another stunner of a deck!

Some of the Major Arcana cards have been changed and there are some Minor Arcana cards that I have struggled to bond with.

The book is excellent and the art is so beautiful. One of our lovely Tarot tribe members has been showing us the comparison of the Wildwood Tarot and the Greenwood Tarot and seeing them side by side, I actually prefer this one.

9. Medicine Woman Tarot

I have been working with this deck as part of a personal journey this year and I freaking love it.

It has its own system as the suits of the Minor Arcana, Major Arcana, and the Court Cards have been changed.

It is a deck that is very feminine and that is the target audience for the deck. I can’t recommend it enough. The book, man if you can get your hands on this book, get it!

10. Chrysalis Tarot

This is another deck with a lot of changes from more Traditional decks and Holly Sierra’s art is so lovely and gentle.

Something I really love is that each of the Minor Arcana cards has their own unique archetype giving you a lot to learn and work with.

The Major Arcana has two titles – traditional and this deck’s own. The Minor Arcana has different suits as well.

There is a full guidebook that you can get that will give you more information about this unique deck.

11. Sakki-Sakki Tarot

This indie deck is so rad and I’m a little obsessed it. It’s Rider Waite based, so it could have gone on the beginner’s list.

The deck is colorful and really engages a feeling of playfulness. There are a lot of weird (and I mean that in the best way possible) and wonderful figures and characters in the deck. The big book is worth getting too.

12. Clover Tarot

This is another Indie deck that I love and work with a lot. The art is everything. I adore the Court Cards in this deck.

Some of the cards are very RWS based and others have a completely new take.  The guidebook comes with the deck and is in color which is always nice.

13. Starchild Tarot

I really love this deck visually. The images are modern and non-traditional.

There are a few versions of this very popular deck. I have the first edition and the Akashic edition. I work with it a lot and I really love it, which is why I have more than one edition.

When I read with it though, I find myself reverting back to what I already know about the Tarot.

There is a borderless Tarot sized edition out now with a bigger guidebook which some may like.

14. Silicon Valley Tarot

This deck is so rad and really different from other decks on the market. The design on the deck alone is worth having if you are a collector.

There are extra cards in this deck and more Major Arcana cards to get you to think about those archetypes in a different way.

It is a graphic art style which I really like too. The book is great and it comes with the deck.

15. Mary El Tarot

Another classic, modern deck. I find this deck is a beautiful, deep, mirror for personal journey and healing work.

The images are thought-provoking and even challenging at times. The titles of the cards are more traditional, however, the art is anything but and that is what makes it so powerful. The book is fantastic and it is just an all round wonderful Tarot deck to learn and work with.

What decks would you recommend to a more experienced Tarot student?

Did you start your Tarot journey with any of the decks in this list? I would love to know in the comments below.

  • M. Ruth McCants
    Posted at 09:18h, 02 August Reply

    Hi Ethony,

    I have and use the “‘Medicine Woman””( Carol Bridges) all the time. I find the guidebook to be wise and insightful. There are a couple decks you’ve mentioned that are on my to buy list. Thanks for asking. Ruth xx.

  • Fred West
    Posted at 10:06h, 02 August Reply

    Three decks that I’ve recently added to my collection.

    The Hidden Waters tarot, by Mary Tourian; the second edition was recently released.

    The Margaret Petersen Tarot, which can still be found on Amazon. I love this deck, although I had to trim the boarders off.

    The Rohrig Tarot, a very surreal deck that is bringing lots of fun to readings. Its in german, so you’ve really got to go with intuition.

  • Erik L. Arneson
    Posted at 15:23h, 02 August Reply

    I just recently picked up the Rota Tarot (http://rotatarot.com/) and it’s a really beautiful deck. I think it would be great for intermediate students looking at BOTA coursework or Golden Dawn stuff. The deck is like a rainbow explosion! Really digging it.

    • Ethony
      Posted at 12:34h, 03 August Reply

      Thank you, I may have to check it out

  • Fiona Headford
    Posted at 16:13h, 02 August Reply

    Do you have a written list of the beginner’s suggestion like you do anove for the advanced or only the you tube video? My hearing is not the best and a written list would be great!

    • Ethony
      Posted at 12:34h, 03 August Reply

      Yes it is in the Tutorials Link on the menu lovely

  • Amethyst Crystal
    Posted at 19:23h, 02 August Reply

    I love so many of these decks, especially Dreams of Gaia. I find it quite easy to use actually. Two decks I would suggest for experienced readers are Tarot of the Silicon Dawn and I Am One Tarot.

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