The AwakenedSoul OracleDeck (3)

An Oracle Deck for Awakened Souls, Tarot Readers, Mystics and Dreamers. Connecting you with your inner truth.

The Awakened Soul

It starts with a calling Deep Stirring

It starts with a step 

Just One

It starts with a question 


It starts with a feeling 

Connected, belonging

It starts with a song

Your voice

It starts with awakening 

Awaken. Soul.

Welcome home awakened soul.

The Oracle Deck

There are so many beautiful decks out there. But nothing really felt like it was 100% home for me. I was holding other peoples visions in my hands and interpreting it through their lens. While this is wonderful and I will continue to do this (those of you who know me, know what my deck collection is like) for me something was missing. I needed to create something that was beckoning to be born.

This deck has been created for those people who want to see and connect with imagery that resonates with their life.

It has been dreamt about, obsessed about and has really wanted to be shared with the world.

Each card has been carefully created with it’s vibration and meaning in mind. Symbols have been carefully woven into the imagery and the story of the cards meaning.

It is an Oracle Deck for Awakened Souls, Tarot Readers, Mystics and Dreamers. To help connect you with your inner truth.

Deck Specifics

50 Card Oracle Deck

  • Borderless
  • 400gsm card stock
  • Matte laminate finish
  • Large format size – 3.5”× 5.75′
  • Silver gilded edges on cards
  • 123 page Guidebook
  • Hard keepsake box


Please note prices on site are in USD. The deck and guidebook are also very heavy, so please keep that in mind when you see the shipping prices. 



The Journey of the Awakened Soul Oracle & Partial Flip Through Video

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