The Bohemian Animal Tarot Review and Video

Title: The Bohemian Animal Tarot

Publisher: Rockpool Publishing

Format: 80 Cards

Language: English

Size of Cards: 8cm x 13cm

What You Get: 80 Cards, Book and Keepsake Box


I did a unboxing video for the deck and displayed each of the cards. It was not a perfect attempt. I have learnt a few things and will make sure that I implement them on the next video. I hope you enjoy it all the same.

The book is really impressive and packed full of information. There is a little bit of information in the introduction about the Tarot format and the Tarot in general as well as the Celtic Cross Spread. But where this book shines is in the description of each of the cards and that is where the bulk of the writing is. Each card description has the Element, Keywords, The Animal Archetype, The Innocent’s Quest (Major Arcana only) the Card Description, The number or court assignment and the Divinatory meaning. I adore this animal deck, it is probably my favourite out of all of the Animal Tarot decks I own.

The only shame is the Wheel of Fortune card, which seems to be very out of focus. I am going to see if anyone else has the same issue but there is nothing mentioned on Amazon. There is also something a little strange seeing birds ride other birds in some of the Knight Court Cards.

The edges of the cards are very rough, they cut my hands when I shuffled them. With the gold edging that is not surprising. It will probably wear down over time.

Scott Alexander Kings website –

Where to Purchase Your CopyHere (free shipping) or Scott’s website above.

The Bohemian Animal Tarot 6 The Bohemian Animal Tarot 5 The Bohemian Animal Tarot 4 The Bohemian Animal Tarot 3 The Bohemian Animal Tarot 2 Bohemian Animal Tarot

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