General Chat, Thor and Finding Rare Tarot and Oracle Gems

The majority of this post is in the video. These are just the talking points for what I have a chat about.

Home and Back Home Again

I’m back in Vancouver after 6 weeks of being in Australia and all over Australia. It was so lovely to catch up with my family and friends and meet some new friends. I managed to squeeze in a coffee catch up and witchy shop tour of Melbourne while I was there and bought some new goodies. Most of my time was spent with family for both of my sister’s weddings and seeing old friends which filled my cup up with love. It was so nice to come home though and sleep in my own bed. So what has been happening while I have been away?

My Book is Being Published

If you didn’t see my announcement the day I flew out to Australia my Tarot book is being published by Llewellyn Publishing which is extremely exciting. I have a looming deadline for next month which I am going to be spending a lot of my time on but I am mostly super freaking excited about having my book published.


Gotta make it amazing for you all. So watch this space I will, of course, keep everyone up to date with the release date.

Second Edition of my Money Magic Manifestation Cards

My Money Magic Manifestation cards are finished printing and should be winging their way to Ethony HQ, I am hoping it is going to be quick. I have been working on the production of these cards since before I left for Australia so it will be nice to have them here. These cards are bigger in size, have a matte finish with gold edges, new foldout and a magnetic box. I will let everyone know via my Oracle Wednesday newsletter when they are available for purchase.

Thor: Ragnarok

A little geek chat! I went and saw Thor Ragnarok while I was in Australia and I really enjoyed it. Now unless you have not seen any of the last bazillion Marvel movies yet, know that this is not a traditional Thor it is a comic book movie but I always love seeing mythical beings have some screen time.

Hela was just so rad. Cate Blanchett is an incredible actor and that role could have gone so Priscilla Queen of the Desert Drag quickly but she gave such gravity to the role. She was also so fun to watch.

All hail the Goddess of Death.


Everyone in the cast looked like they were having fun and I can not believe that it took Marvel so long to realise that the Thor movies needed some comedy.

Valkyrie was fun but after Wonder Woman I wanted more from my glamazonian warrior woman. I loved her entrance and her ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude. I really enjoyed it. Go check it out if you need a laugh or just want to watch stupidly beautiful people have fun on the big screen.

Rare Deck Finds

I found two rare gems in the cartomancy world and I am pretty darn over the moon with them.

The first I found in the Australian store Sacred Source which I googled while I was at my sister’s house and had some free time one day. That store is pretty awesome. So I found The Oracle of the Goddess by Gayan Sylvie Winter and Jo Dose. I had a double take for a second and snapped that up pretty quick smart. I will be unboxing it when I have some time. My unboxing pile is very high.

The second one I found on eBay and I was nervous that I wasn’t going to get the complete deck, cause you never know. I have been searching, eBay search following this deck for over eight years. I also paid less than $100 for it so I am darn happy with that. It is the Mage the Awakening Tarot which was made by White Wolf and the art is done by Shadowscapes artist Stephanie Law.

I want to wrap up with Highlights of my Trip because it’s that the thing you do.

  • Seeing both of my sisters get married
  • Meeting my friends children for the first time
  • Swimming in the crystal clear Indian Ocean again
  • Watching a Mumma and Baby humpback whale dance in the ocean
  • Spending lots of time with so many soul sisters
  • Having an amazing Girls night out with my BFF’s

So I am back at home and slowly getting over the jetlag but I am so glad to be home and get back into the flow of life.

  • Lisa Duffy
    Posted at 15:36h, 13 November Reply

    Reading the last of this made me tear up and feel so much joy for you and happy to hear all your exciting adventures! It’s crazy how some people in life that are complete strangers effect you in such a positive way. I see how you reach out to help others and create a happier way of life for yourself and for others. The way life should be. You are a really a cool cat, Ethony and refreshing for this crazy world we life in. Can’t wait for the unboxing of these cards. Eight years wow lol happy you finally acquired them! Take care and I love whales! :)That’s must have been a breath taking spiritual moment!

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