Learning the Lenormand

Paris, France, it is the time of the Emperor Napoleon, you are lead into a candle lit room where a beautiful lady sits with a deck of cards in front of her. She welcomes you and motions for you to sit across from her. You are about the enter the world of the Lenormand Oracle. This form of Cartomancy has been used and learnt for hundreds of years and now is the time for you to learn the wisdom of the Lenormand Oracle.

The famous Lenormand Oracle is a deck of 36 Cards which the legendary Marie Lenormand used to consult leaders of the French revolution, Empress Josephine and other prominent individuals in 19th century Paris. She is considered one of the most famous and one of the most influential cartomancers to ever live.

Now there are a range of beautiful Lenormand Oracle decks on the market for discovery. During this course you will be well introduced to the Lenormand Oracle and the meanings of the 36 cards. You will also work with oracle spreads and learn how to read with them for yourself or others.

You can see the full course curriculum here