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#OracleObsessed Tag Video Response

Hi Tarot Tribe, it’s Ethony and I am doing a video response to the lovely Imogen Walters #OracleObsessed tag. Check out the original video post here.

Like many people in the community I found Tarot before I worked with Oracle decks so I have a larger Tarot collection but I do love working with Oracle decks.

Here are the questions:

Question #1: What was your very first oracle deck?

Angels. Gods and Goddesses oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno. I really adore that this deck has Goddesses, Gods and Angels. It is a wonderful all round deck. I worked with this deck for a long time after I was introduced to the deck and even used it at work with my teams. Beautiful for daily guidance and also for wrapping up a reading.

Question #2: What’s your current favourite deck?

Besides my Awakened Soul Oracle deck, hehe. I have been working a lot with the Chakra Mindset Oracle. What I adore about this deck is that I can hone in on my Client’s chakras and work on blocks and releasing any energy that needs to be moved. It is also beautiful to look at. That deck is in use nearly every day.  

Question #3: What’s your most used deck?

My Awakened Soul Oracle, Sacred Creators Oracle, Chakra Mindset Oracle, Plant Ally Cards.

Question #4: What’s your least used deck?

I have to admit, I have more unused Oracle decks than unused Tarot decks. Too many to really share. Two decks that I do want to work with more is the Journey to Goddess Realm Oracle and Goddesses of the New Light decks.

Question #5: How did you learn to read oracle cards?

I learnt to use Oracle decks while formally studying the Tarot. My Tarot teacher, who also read my cards, used Oracle decks in her readings and introduced me to working with them as a complementary practice.

Question #6: What do you use oracle cards for?

I use Oracle decks in a variety of ways. I have Oracle Wednesday which I do every week and use a lot of different Oracle decks there. I use them to centre a reading, for daily guidance, to wrap up a reading and session with a Client. If you want to see my video and post about how I use Oracle decks in a reading here is the link – http://ethony.com/oracle-cards-tarot-reading/

Question #7: How do you read the cards? (Guidebook/intuitively/a bit of both?)

I use my intuition above everything but I also love looking at the guidebook for Oracle cards as there are so many messages in Oracle cards. With the Tarot, there is transferable information in each of the cards. With Oracle decks, because they are open, it is nice to see the point of view of the creator and to see what they see in the card and the message it contains..

Question #8: Do you use spreads?

Yes, but not all the time. It really depends on the way I am using the Oracle deck. I love creating Tarot and Oracle spreads. I swear, I didn’t plan it but I also have a blog post which has a few spreads that I designed to be used with oracle decks and tarot decks together. The link is below – http://ethony.com/using-multiple-oracle-tarot-decks-tarot-reading/

Question #9: Do you mix oracle cards with other divination systems, e.g. tarot/runes/Lenormand?

Yes, I work with many different divination and cartomancy systems. I love runes, Lenormand oracles and of course my first love the Tarot. I also like working with psychometry a lot too.

Question #10: In your opinion, what makes for a great deck?

Diversity is important and something that I am glad is getting a lot of attention. It is good to see that more and more mainstream decks are representational of modern life. Thoughtfulness is also something I feel is important. This is just my opinion, but if there is any creator who is just pumping out decks every three months to make money, it is apparent and really clear to the community. Creators, authors, artists and publishers deserve to make money and I am a deck creator myself, but I just feel there is something fabricated around this kind of production line releases.  

Question #11: What do you feel are the differences between tarot and oracle cards? (Fellow tarot readers!)

There are clear differences between Tarot and Oracle decks. Tarot has a structure. It is traditionally 78 cards where as Oracle decks can have as many cards as the creator wants to have. I have seen some decks have a little as 33 cards to a huge 100 + cards. The Tarot has Major Arcana cards, Minor Arcana Cards and the Tarot Court. Oracle cards don’t reflect the same structure.

When you learn the Tarot you can often transfer your knowledge to another deck from the similar tradition. Oracle decks are stand alone. These for me are the major differences.

Question #12: Do you have any super unusual/unique decks?

I probably have more unusual or unique Tarot decks than Oracle decks. One deck that I have that I have not seen many people with is the Crystallights Oracle deck, which I got over 10 years ago in Australia. I am not even sure it is in print any more.

I was also gifted this Gemstone Oracle deck from a wonderful Tarot Tribe member in Poland ,which is lovely and a treasure.

Funny that both are crystal Oracle decks 🙂

Question #13: What’s your current deck crush?

I really love the Sacred Creators Oracle. I have not met anyone who doesn’t love it. It is just so lovely to work with and it gets a lot of use both personally and for Client readings.

Question #14: If you could only use one deck from now on, what would it be?

It would be my own; the Awakened Soul Oracle and I am not saying it to be an ass. I actually really love the deck and Danielle did a phenomenal job with the art. I could work with that deck alone.

Thank you to Imogen for the list of questions and thank you for watching!


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