Spirit Guides and Tarot

FREE Spirit Guides and Tarot Training

You asked for it and it is finally here!

Not long ago, I asked my lovely tribe to vote on what FREE training they would like from the Tarot Readers Academy. The voting was strongly in favour of Reading the Tarot with your Spirit Guides.

And, it’s finally ready!

In this three-part training, you will learn about Spirit Guides and the personal experience of having them with you in your sacred practice.

You will be lead through a guided meditation to meet and commune with your Spirit Guides, in addition to learning the ways in which to work with them in your Tarot or Oracle reading practice.

There is also a BONUS handpainted Connection prayer download and a worksheet to go along with your meditation.

Also, this free training includes the option to join the Tarot Readers Academy Facebook Group to ask questions and join in on conversations and experience-sharing with other students. The group link is – https://www.facebook.com/groups/340023006206141/

Getting access to this training is SUPER easy! Simply enrol in the course and you get instant LIFETIME access.