Spring Tarot and Oracle Decks

Spring Tarot and Oracle Decks

My Tarot and Oracle decks for Spring 2017. These are both for my own personal use and for Client readings.

Oracle Decks

Awakened Soul Oracle

I work with this deck every day for by Clients and also for my own work.

Sacred Creators Oracle

This deck is just so great and the guidebook is incredible. I use this deck a lot for Clients who have their own businesses or who are building them or have career queries. I also love working with it for my own creative projects and readings. I feel like Chris-Anne has ticked a lot of boxes with this deck. The cardstock is awesome, the book is great and the cards are stunning, simple and have multiple applications.

Faeries of the Forest

Brand new, going to unbox soon.

InstaOracle Deck

Life Design Cards

Here & Now Visionary Cards

A new deck in my collection that I have been working with. I mentioned in my unboxing that I do wish the backs were different. I adore some of the artwork so much. Other cards feel disjointed for me and a little out of place. I am working with this deck selectively as I am not vibing with them for Client readings.

Tarot Decks

Aura-Soma Tarot

A deck that I work with daily with Clients. Created by Pamela Smith and they can be used as a Tarot deck or with the Aura-Soma System.

The Victorian Romantic Tarot

Still one of my go-to decks for Love and Romance readings.

The Liminal Tarot

A deck that was very limited edition and now out of print. I have been using this deck for Client readings nearly every day so I had to share the deck. Maybe if we ask the creator nicely she will run another print.

Circle of Life Tarot

Second edition by Lo Scarabeo. The borders on this edition are much better. This is a deck that feels very elemental to me so Spring is a perfect time of year to use it.

Everyday Witch Tarot

I have not had much time to get to know this deck but I adore the artwork. I did worry that all of the Witches Hats would be a little too much but it’s lovely. The book feels padded with the notes section. I don’t read the guidebook very much anyway but it isn’t the most comprehensive. The cardstock is back to being thinner but I prefer that to the stock they had last year. The box is nice too.

The Animal Wisdom Tarot

One of my favorite animal Tarot decks. The set is boxed, borderless and stunning.

Black Lilly Tarot

Stunning feminine deck by Aya Rosen. It is in print too! Yay. I have been using this deck more and more in Client readings.

The Efflorescent Tarot

I have been lucky to have this deck in my collection for years now and I brought this deck out to play a few months ago and I have loved working with it again.

The Hardy Tarot

Such a vivid deck. It is not a cheap deck, but I really do love it. I do wish the card stock was a little more durable for the price but it is lovely and I adore working with it.

Jonash Jaus Tarot

Currently out of print but I know that there are plans for this deck to come back and be in a smaller format. I have been using this deck for my own personal readings and a few clients.

Tarot de St. Croix

Stunning box set Tarot deck that is perfect for daily readings.


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