Tarot Deck Exploration – 78 Tarot

Title: 78 Tarot

Creator: Collaborative deck

Publisher: Independently published

Format: 80 Cards and booklet (78 cards of the Tarot and 2 wild cards)

Language: English

Size of Cards: 7cm x 12cm

What You Get: The Deck with the book which is much bigger than the standard little white book. You also get a beautiful pouch with the 78 Tarot logo embossed on it.


Like most collaborative Tarot decks there are some cards that I adore and some I just scratch my head at. This is true for all art, so when ever you get 78 artists to contribute to a collection that is going to happen.

I split the deck into cards that I liked and cards that I didn’t connect with and most of the deck were in the ‘cards that I like’ pile which is  good sign.

The card stock is nice and easy to shuffle and the cards have a laminate finish.

The wild cards are really funky and can be read with the description in the book or however you as a reader want to.

One thing that I was excited to hear Kayti mention was that they are going to give some of the artists who are not overly familiar with the Tarot a little more guidance in regards to the cards meaning. Which I think will be super helpful as a Tarot Reader. Some others may love the open interpretation of the cards without the artist having any guidelines.

I am really looking forward to the second deck which is going to have a nautical theme (I voted for that theme yay!). I have been watching the account on Instagram and it is rather exciting to see the new artists as they join the project.

While the website was down while I wrote this it was really well done when it was up.

I would recommend this deck to anyone who loves collaborative Tarot decks and people who are open to different explorations of the cards and their meanings. I am going to read with this deck for sure. It will be interesting to see which of my Clients pick this deck for a reading.

78 Tarot

The two wild cards and the back design

78 Tarot 1

These are some of the cards that I don’t really connect with. The meanings are a little lost on me.

78 Tarot 3

These are some of the cards I really like

78 Tarot 2

Another set of cards that I really like


Where to Purchase Your Copy: The first edition copies of the deck are being sold on Etsy.

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