Tarot Deck Exploration – The Alice Tarot

Title: The Alice Tarot

Creators: Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahony

Publisher: Baba Studios

Format: 79 cards

Language: English

Size of Cards: 7.8cm x 12.8cm

The Alice Tarot Minor Arcana

What You Get: It depends on what set you would like there is a Standard Deck which is what I purchased. That set comes with the Tarot deck, a beautiful decorated storage box and a little white book. There is a Large Format deluxe edition that comes with a Wooden box and a Silk Tarot pouch as well as everything in the Standard edition. I believe the Large Format deck is sold out.

The Alice Tarot Major Arcana

The Alice Tarot Court Cards

Impressions: This is yet another beautiful deck from Alex and Karen and it will enchant fans of Alice in Wonderland and the Tarot. If you know the stories of Alice and her adventures in Wonderland I am sure you will gain a deeper understanding to the cards as they use what seem to be all of the characters from that universe. Even the more obscure ones. There are even quotes from the books  in a lot of the cards.

The Alice Tarot is based on the familiar Rider-Waite Smith tarot. The metallic embellishments on the card ad such a beautiful element to the deck and they are on every card and in many different colours. All of the Baba Studio decks are on excellent paper stock so that you can shuffle them for years to come without it wearing.

It is a whimsical deck full of character and colour and is another stunning addition to the studios amazing Tarot collection.

Where to Purchase Your Copy: At the Baba Studios Website

The Alice Tarot Backs

The Alice Tarot Backs

The Alice Tarot Aces

Three of the Ace’s in The Alice Tarot

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