Tarot Deck Exploration – The Light Grey Tarot

Title: The Light Grey Tarot

Creator: Collaborative deck brought together by the Light Grey Art Lab

Publisher: The Light Grey Art Lab

Format: 78 Cards and a booklet

Language: English

Size of Cards: 7cm x 12cm

What You Get: 78 Cards and the Booklet


From The Light Grey Website – ‘The Tarot, Mystics, and Occult Exhibition incorporated 78 artists from all over the world, brought together to create a collaborative tarot deck and unique art collection. Keeping the entirety of the project in mind, each artist recreated a single tarot card, merging together contemporary illustration, ancient symbolism, and storytelling to make captivating and meaningful interpretations of their tarot card.’

The Light Grey Tarot Major Arcana

I have an interesting history with collaborative Tarot Decks. This is because there are so many, 78 in fact different visions of the art presented. Not all art is going to connect with you as an individual and that is the way of art but even when you don’t like an individual piece of art it is still stirring a reaction in you which is what great art is supposed to do. That is why art is powerful.

This is a very powerful deck, there is so much energy and vision in the deck and there are some cards that I really connect with and love. The artists could use different mediums which also makes for an interesting deck as a whole. I use this deck a lot for my own personal readings and enjoy re-discovering the cards each time I pull one as not only is the card going to be a surprise but the artistic interpretation is also a joy to see. The Light Grey Tarot is my favourite Collaborative Tarot deck I have had the pleasure of owning and using in my Tarot practise.

The cards are on nice card stock and are easy to shuffle. The card stock is a little light but not flimsy. I am sure after a few years of use they are going to bend for sure.

I do wish that they had the card titles on all of the cards because some of them are not easy to recognise straight away as to what they are. The upside to this however is that it may free readers up with making their own connections to the cards without the titles. The Major Arcana and the Court Cards are all titled.

Where to Purchase Your Copy: This deck is a BARGAIN for $25, get your copy in the Light Grey Art Lab site.

The Light Grey Tarot Major Arcana 2

The Light Grey Tarot Aces

The Light Grey Tarot Minor Arcana The Light Grey Tarot Court Card

The Light Grey Tarot Backs

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