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The Starchild Tarot Bammer

Title: The Starchild Tarot

Creator: Danielle Noel

Publisher: Self Published

Format: 78 Cards and Guidebook

Language: English

Size of Cards: 12.5cm x 8.5cm

What You Get: 78 Cards, 146 page guidebook and keepsake box

The Starchild Tarot ReadingImpressions
: If you follow me on any social media you will know that I am slightly in love with this deck. I have been doing all of my Tarot Readings with this deck since I received it last week and I just adore reading with them.

They are a photography and digital art Tarot deck with beautiful pastel colourings and stunning sacred geometry images. It is a very feminine deck but there are also guys in there too.

I find it hard to do the cards justice with my description so check out the images. They do all the bragging they need.

There are some changed Major Arcana cards from the more traditional Tarot Decks.

Changed Major Arcana Cards:

  • The Fool is Starseed
  • The Hermit is Serenity
  • The Hanged Man is Perspective
  • Death is Transformation
  • The Devil is Oppression
  • Judgement is Awakening

In this Tarot Deck Justice is number 8 and Strength is number 11.

The Star Child TarotThe Guidebook is a nice size and has a STACK of information in it which as also been written by Danielle. She gives a good introduction to the Tarot and most importantly the deck. These cards have a wonderful vibration and her writing complements that greatly. There are also some Tarot spreads to try as well as the Card descriptions. I love that she wrote 8 pages on helping you understand her cards. The writing really asks you to engage with the deck and your readings.

The card stock is beautiful and the finish makes the cards lovely to shuffle, even if they are larger than the standard Tarot Deck. I like that they are bigger as there is a lot more I can take in with the images. The backs of the Tarot cards have a stunning sacred geometry pattern.

This deck may be a little tricky for beginners as there are a number of cards that do not have any figures in them along with the Major Arcana has been changed for some of the cards. If you learn with this deck you may be referencing the book a lot. Which is most than fine.

I am so enjoying working with the StarChild Tarot and I will be using it a lot. I recommend this deck to anyone who wants to connect with this beautiful set of images.

Where to Purchase Your Copy: At the Starchild Tarot’s Website

The Starchild Tarot 1 The Starchild Tarot Court The Starchild Tarot
The Starchild Tarot Major Arcana

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