Tarot EssentialsThis course has been designed to seekers who are just starting their Tarot Journey and for people who want to learn more about the Tarot. Or who have just purchased their first deck and want to know, what next? Or those Mystical babes who have heard about the tarot or had a tarot reading and are interested in learning more about the art of Tarot.

This training is a series of videos where we are going to explore some of the basics of Tarot. This course is a great introduction for those who maybe interested in the Tarot Readers Academy – Tarot Certification Course or are just curious.

What the course covers:

  • The Two Mainstream Tarot Systems
  • The Difference between The Tarot and Oracle Decks
  • My Top Ten Tarot Decks for Beginners
  • My Top Five Tarot Books
  • What to avoid in the Beginning and altered Tarot Decks
  • Tarot Misconceptions
  • What you really need to learn the Tarot
  • Where to go from Here


  • How Does the Tarot Work?
  • Tips for Buying Your First Tarot Deck
  • 8 Ways to Connect to a New Tarot Deck
  • What To Do When You Don’t Connect with A Tarot Deck
  • When Cards Fall Out of the Deck When Shuffling
  • A Look at My Tarot Journals

Please note this is all based on my experience and is my guidance to you. It is not gospel. Use what you like and leave what you don’t. Like everything you do, do you.

So grab your favourite beverage and let’s dive into the World of the Tarot