It’s Tarot Q&A Time – Reading Tarot for Friends and Family

Tarot Reading for Friends and FamilyToday’s question is:

When a friend or family member asks you for a Tarot reading what do you do? Will you read for people you are close to?


As always everything I mention here is my perspective and experience, take what resonates to you and leave the rest.

Some people have no problem reading for family and friends. Please always go with what you feel the most comfortable with and do that. There is no right or wrong way to approach this. Always go with what feels right to you.

Here are some things I would like to share with you for your consideration when it comes to reading Tarot for Friends and family.

Too Close for Comfort and Bias

When we are too close to a person or situation we can find it hard to see things from an unbiased perspective.  Even when we have a tool such as the Tarot that can act as the removed element we can still put our views on the interpretations.

We also want the best for the people that we love and sometimes we have a clear idea of what we think that is for them. We can be invested in the outcome. While that is great when it comes to supporting the people we love it can be something that is a hinderance when it comes to reading a loved one’s Tarot Cards. What if we see something shitty? What if the advice the cards are showing is not what we would want for them?

If you feel you are too close to the situation or person/people involved then it may be a sign to refer them on.

The Blame Game

No one wants to be blamed later. No matter what you say, people can selectively hear things. While I completely believe in free will you may find yourself potentially on the receiving end of some annoyance if your advice is taken and things don’t turn out how your friend or family member wants. Heck this can happen with any Client.

This can also happen if the cards are not what they want or the message they wanted from the reading. Again this can happen with any Client.

I’m Not Listening

You know that book you have been telling your friends about for ever, you have recommended it to them and even lent them your copy to read you think they will like it so much. But it sits on the book shelf for months and you take it back.

Then a week later  you hear that an acquaintance of theirs recommended the same book, they listened that time and now can’t talking about how AMAZING it is.

This may be exactly what giving a friend or family member a Tarot reading can be like. They just won’t hear it from you. You could tell them the winning lotto numbers and they wouldn’t listen.

I have said that this is similar to the reason why we have so many incarnations and representations of the divine, we all resonate to different messengers. Timing also plays a part in this but often it comes down to hearing it from the right person and in the right way.

Don’t take it personally if people find it hard to hear things from you, especially truths that may hurt them. Maybe that is not the role you are to play in their life.

Judgy Mc Judge Pants

Judgement works both ways. You will have judgements you have of your family and friends from your years and past together. Like the habits they have, the failures and successes, the poor taste in boyfriends, friends etc. These all paint a picture of the person that you know. These things are hard not to take into a Tarot Reading with you.

There are also the Judgements that they have on you, I hear frequently from students at the Tarot Readers Academy that they worry about telling some of the friends and sometimes family about their love of Tarot and that they read the cards. You may worry that people will see you differently. While this is a topic that requires its own video and blog post people also have their own judgements of you and the Tarot that they bring into a Tarot Reading. Including their past experiences with Tarot Readers and Spiritual people, positive and negative. This is with all Clients.

These things may not be an issue for you at all. You may be completely comfortable with reading the Tarot for your Friends and Family.

What do I do?

I will read the Tarot for my friends and family if they ask, if I have the time and most importantly if I feel right about it. I have told family and friends that I am too close to the situation and that I can refer them to a reader that I trust.

My friends know that I run a Tarot Business so they know when they are asking for a Tarot Reading from me they are usually going to get it for free and that is going to take away from my time to work with Clients or be with my son. So I don’t get inundated with friend requests.

I used to read for Friends when I was honing my Tarot craft a lot. This can be a gift and a hinderance. Because you know so much about the person it can make the intuitive leaps that you would usually get a little harder to know. I do recommend reading for friends when you are learning as they are going to be great support.

If you have a Tarot Question you would love for me to shed some light on please send it through to or in the comments section of this video.

I would love to hear what you do when your friends and family request readings from you?

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