Tarot Deck Exploration – The Bonefire Tarot

Title: The Bonefire Tarot

Creator: Talented Australian artist Gabi Angus-West

Publisher: Self published

Format: 78 Cards

Language: English

What you get: Along with the Tarot deck Gabi creates felt bags for the deck and a little hand written LWB (little white book).

Impressions: The Bonefire Tarot is brave, bold and a wonderful modern Tarot deck. I’m all about the independent Tarot love. The deck is printed on beautiful thick card stock and is finished in a matte finishing. The deck is a Rider-Waite Smith formatted Tarot deck. I find reading with this deck so easy and great for cutting through bullish*t.   There are so many rich symbols in the deck that compliment the traditional meaning of the cards and make it very easy to make links with intuitive insights. I am really inspired by her Court Cards as they are really detailed and this allows for interpreting these cards in a reading so much easier, especially for those who are new to learning the Tarot.

Size of Cards: The cards are 10cm long and 7.5cm wide.

You can purchase the deck over on Gabi’s site and also check out her amazing blog and other works.


The Bonefire Tarot 5

Bonefire Tarot 4

The Bonefire Tarot 3

Bonefire Tarot 2

Bonefire Tarot


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