Wonder Woman, Bad Ass Tarot Books and a Catch Up

Hi Tarot Babes, I wanted to have a bit of a catch up chat and share some of the Tarot Books I have been reading lately. It has been a while since I touched base and talked about other things besides Tarot. So let’s jump into it.

Wonder Woman

I feel like it was such a nice thing that WB did for me, releasing the movie on my birthday weekend. Pretty rad gift, especially because it was FUCKING AWESOME. My sister organised a bunch of us to go see it on Friday and I have to say, I have not been so affected by a comic book movie or book movie in a long time.

I am a HUGE comic book, super hero, gamer geek. I have seen all of the movies, I mean I stopped with the Transformer movies cause they BAAADDD but there are not many pop culture movies I have not seen and I have ready a lot of Wonder Woman comics.

The very first X Men movie back in 2000 (holy shit that was 17 years ago!) was incredible, I loved it, even though it is by far not the best, it defined comic book movies for the big screen for a long time.

The Return of the King, dude I cried throughout the last third of that movie and still do. That trilogy is perfection to me.

Wonder Woman hold that same place for me. I was excited to finally see her on the big screen. I felt my heart watching her take action be a perfect Wonder Woman. I was a little dubious when they cast Gal as WW, as I thought she was a little slim to be an Amazonian but she is also a God so you know. But she nailed the character. As a mythology junkie who wanted to be an Amazonian so bad (thank you Xena for paving the way) it was amazing to see such a wonderful representation of her origin story and I can’t wait to see more of the Amazonian women in Justice League. I am so happy to be living in a time where a film with a female superhero lead with a female director is the number one movie in the world. It is a big fucking deal. When you read about how little money female directors are given to make movies compared to their male counterparts.

The movie was so full of hope and beautiful moments. It is flawed but it is also powerful. I can’t wait to see it again.

So much that I have to say about the movie is said by the incredible How It Should Have Ended YT channel review. Also their videos are so bloody great. Sorry, you are probably going to sink hours into watching their content. It is so worth it.

I would love to talk more about Geeky stuff, let me know if you want to see more on this channel about it. Tarot ain’t going anywhere btw.

Bad Ass Tarot Book List

Here are the Tarot books I have been reading lately and that I would love to recommend if you are looking for some good Summer / Winter reading. I know most Tarot readers are also massive bibliophiles.

1. Tarot Coloring Book by Theresa Reed

Theresa Reed is the Tarot Lady for good reason. She is an incredible member of our community who has a wealth of information and inspiration for new tarot readers and old hats alike. The first few pages of this book are filled with such awesome information, this alone is worth buying the book for in my opinion.

There is total benefit to coloring a deck in the way that the book is laid out. I remember in year 7 my teacher gave us all a big blank map of the world and we had to label each country and mark the borders and color it all in. I remember some real fine details from that exercise in geography. When we are paying attention to what is in the cards and having fun doing it, we really learn.

I have used pencils, watercolors (carefully) and textas in mine and there are some amazing things you can do with all of the space that this book gives. You can write key words around the edges, put little reminders, stickers, added meanings in the book.

This is a fantastic book for beginners and I have been slinging cards for 19 years and I still learnt some beautiful things

2. Tarot Coupling by Gina Thies

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this Goddess at the Northwest Tarot Symposium in March and I love her vibe. This book is fucking detailed. Really it is a wellspring of information about the Tarot and Relationships. From new romances to long term relationships. Everything is looked at for each card.

As a Tarot Reader who works intuitively as well as knowing the card meanings and always learning, I love reading about how Gina shares the layers of each card in our layered interpersonal relationships.

Not only does Gina work through the different cards she also provides a lot of valuable information about relationships and love which is invaluable for readers. As love is definitely something we read about a lot.

I love how Gina sees the Tarot Court, as it is very similar to the way I see them. She has her own love Archetypes and I ADORE this. I would say this book is more for Tarot Readers and students who are familiar with the Tarot.

3. Dirty and Divine by Alice Grist

This lovely Tarot book is rich with Alice’s personal experiences with the Tarot and how their meanings and archetypes have made themselves known in her life. I adore this approach as I know from personal experience that when we have something happen in our lives that mirrors a Tarot card we know that card on such a deeper level.

The way that Alice takes us through the Tarot, it is raw, personal and a divine memoir experienced through the Tarot. It is a gift to be able to see the Tarot through her eyes. I love reading about how we all came to the Tarot, how we all see the cards and experience our readings.

This is a great book for beginners and experienced readers will love her fresh perspective on the cards and also maybe seeing themselves a little in her journey.

4. Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova

Another Tarot babe that I was lucky to connect with at NWTS, Melissa’s book is so refreshing. I love her style of writing as it feels very much like mine. Some of the things she says in the book, I enthusiastically nodded my head as if I could have said the very same thing. This is a woman after my own Tarot Heart indeed.

Photography of the book: kitchen-table-tarot

It is a book that has all of the card definitions and pictures of the cards, which is good for beginners for sure. What I love about this book when reading it is that there are some really juicy things to consider with each of the cards. Melissa clearly loves the Tarot and it shows in her book. You can tell when someone writes a book that is just vanilla meanings of the cards and this is NOT that kind of book. Her respect for the cards as well as her modern outlook on being a card slinger is a point of view that I am totally behind.

5. Awakening The Chakras by Victor Daniels, Kooch N. Daniels and Pieter Welteverd

Victor and Kooch are the authors of Tarot at a Crossroads which is also a wonderful book for those who want to look at how psychology and tarot can meet and work together for healing and transformation. A book I also have and really enjoy and while their new book Awakening the Chakras is not a Tarot book it is wonderful and well worth a read as this is not some washed down for the masses book on the Chakras.

My New Tarot Deck – The Bad Bitches Tarot

I have been working on a new Tarot deck which I am excited to release out into the world but I am also a little scared too. This has not been crowdfunded like the Awakened Soul Oracle so there is more of a risk, something that every indie deck creator and self published author can relate to.

The Bad Bitches Tarot was born as I was writing a book on the Tarot which was designed to be my no holds barred, straight up guide to Tarot. The kind of Tarot book that I would write for my friends. As if I were sitting across from you telling you some divine truth. As the book was being written I commissioned the talented artist for the deck to create some line art for the ebook and when I saw what came back, the images were clearly too amazing not to be made into a full Tarot deck. I believe that spirituality and sass can live in the same space.  This is where I, and this Tarot deck, live.

This deck has all women in it and that was thoughtfully done. So many decks have men in the majority of the images and I wanted a deck to be empowering for women. To see a reflection of the whole tarot for women. I believe that with the Tarot Court we can be any of the archetypes at any time and I am going to finish my damn book about the Tarot Court soon, where I explore this in detail.  

Pre-orders will be open soon and I am going to record a full walk through of the deck as well. To be the first to hear when the deck is available make sure you are signed up to Oracle Wednesday at www.ethony.com

The Awakened Soul Coven

I am working on opening the coven again soon to new members. It has been a busy year for sure. If you have not seen the free outer court course come and check it out and stay tuned for the opening of the coven again.

A huge thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday over the weekend, you really made my weekend and thank you as always for being such an incredible community.

Tarot Summer School

Have you seen the lineup we have at the Tarot Readers Academy Tarot Summer School for 2017? I am pinching myself at the talented teachers and exciting topics that we have this year. Registration is open right now and the first class goes live on the Summer Solstice the 21st of June. You can also watch my Tarot Readers Academy video.



  • tita
    Posted at 21:48h, 07 June Reply

    Thank you Ethony for sharing, you are amazing and your blog is such a gem I LOVE it. I am reading Kitchen table tarot and I find it fresh and very deep,thanks for the tip! Awakening chakras is now on my summer wishlist. I am so excited for your new tarot deck, it’s gonna rock the world
    Lot of love


    • Ethony
      Posted at 11:17h, 08 June Reply

      Thank you lovely.

  • Matt
    Posted at 11:45h, 13 June Reply

    Great posts. Im not sure which of the books recommended I should buy first!

    I’ll probably start with Tarot Couplings as I seem to be doing more and more relationship readings these days.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Ethony
      Posted at 10:34h, 14 June Reply

      Thank you for the comment 🙂 it is a great book

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