Yule Tarot Spread

Ethony Yule Tarot Spread


1. Rebirth

The mythology around Yule is that of re-brith. Whether it is the rebirth of a Sun God or the duelling Holly and Oak Kings. Birth, Death and Rebirth are an important theme of Yule. This position in this Yule Tarot Spread is about your personal Re-brith. What is being awakened in you after a long slumber? What is going to be gaining momenmtum as the days grow longer?

2. Midnight

Yule is the longest night of the year. What does darkness mean to you? Are you afraid of the dark or the darkness in you? Does the Witching hour call you? This position in the Yule Tarot Spread is meant for contemplation. What is it in ourselves that we fear to shed light on?

3. Gift

Gift giving is a large part of Yule and other seasonal celebrations this time of the year. What is your gift? Do you hide your gifts and talents for fear of judgement if you shine them out into the World? This position in the Yule Tarot Spread is a reminder of your gifts and a gentle nudge to embrace them and share them with the World.


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