Divine By The Moon And Create A Magical Year

Tarot spreads for every full and new moon of 2022

The Tarot Is A Powerful,
Transformative Guide

Ever since the day I held my first Tarot deck as a teenager, they have been a constant spiritual companion. It has given supported me in living my dreams and purpose in life. It can do this for you too.

It can illuminate the future and guide you on your path. The Tarot can help you heal and grow. It is a reflection of our journey through life and can teach anyone who seeks out their mysteries. The Tarot can assist in leading you back to yourself and align you with your life’s true purpose.

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Penumbra Tarot Deck

PRE-SALE DISCOUNT is now available with expected delivery February 2022. Help support printing this deck with a $4 pre-sale discount available only for 30 days.

Penumbra is a Tarot deck that invokes the liminal space with a clear voice for everyday life, especially for those deeper questions we ask of ourselves as we go about our journeys. 

Meet The Bee

The bee holds the magic of community, they work together to spread life and fertility to the world. They are connected to sun energy and productivity. By connecting to the bee you bring their ability to accomplish the impossible to your life. Embrace your bee magic.

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Mercury in Retrograde Tarot Spread

This Mercury in Retrograde Preparation Tarot Spread will prepare you for this time of inevitable miscommunication, tech gremlins, and people generally being insufferable *jk* (well, kind of).

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