31 Days of Tarot 2018 & Tarot Readers Academy Major Arcana Exploration

Hi Tarot Tribe,

I am pleased to announce that the 31 Days of Tarot, YouTube and video challenge is back for 2018.

We will be starting our daily Tarot journey working through the new prompts for the year on the 1st of January 2018. I wanted to post the prompts early to give everyone time to get organized. We had a great time doing this for the past couple of years and I am excited to see everyone’s videos for 2018.

#31daysoftarot can be used across Social Media to track everyone’s videos. You can do this challenge on other Social Media platforms if you like as I know not everyone is on YouTube.

Before I run through the prompts briefly. I also wanted to invite you all to join us at the Tarot Readers Academy Facebook group for a journey through the Major Arcana cards. We are going to spend a week exploring each of the Major Arcana cards. It is an interactive way to deepen your connection with the Major Arcana cards and there is a lot planned for beginners and advanced readers. Join the community here –

Here are the prompts for 31 Days of Tarot for 2018 I can’t wait to see how everyone responds. (You can download it here)

31 Days of Tarot Prompts

Your responses don’t have to have a minimum video time, it is up to you. This is an inclusive challenge where we are sharing our collective love for the Tarot. I would like to foster a positive space for responses as much as possible.

Thank you so much to the amazing community members who helped with some of the prompts for this challenge.

Let me know if you are planning on joining so I can subscribe to your channel!


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