Each month you’ll learn how to use the power of nature in the cycle of the moon and the seasons of the sun to improve your life and get in sync with nature’s flow.

“My life has changed so dramatically since joining this magical coven.”

“I went from a torturous life with a perspective of lack to being able to manifest anything I want and a knowing of complete abundance. This didn’t happen overnight but it did happen pretty quickly (looking back it’s shocking how quickly). It goes to show what a support group can do for you especially when it’s filled with god/goddess energy! Powerful!! I attribute this all to having this amazing group of truly supportive beings by my side and working with them through the cycles of life. This coven is my treasure and I’m so, so happy to be a part of it!”
. – Kristen Karvouni-Haggis, Member since 2016



  • You Are Feeling Isolated And Want A Safe, Friendly Group To Practice Magic With

Many of our members live in places where there isn’t a local community. Or, some can’t get out and meet people locally for a variety of reasons. The people in the Coven are fun, friendly and passionate about The Craft. You’ll make instant friends.

  • Are Looking For Mentors And Peers To Learn From And Collaborate With

Not only will you benefit from having a high priestess with over 20 years experience, you’ll be able to access hundreds of years of collective practices from different cultures from the Coven members.

Our group of modern witches, range from maiden to crone will encourage, empower, inspire, support, lend and share resources, cheer you on, give you space to share what’s happening with your life.

  • Have A Bookcase Full Of Books But Are Thinking ‘WTF now?’

A small library of paganism and witchcraft is nice to have but useless when it’s just collecting dust. The Coven will help you develop or maintain a real and grounded practice.

  • Need Structure Because Life Gets In The Way Too Often

Trying to implement a regular practice on your own is hard because of, well… life. In the Coven we hold space for you every month which takes it from sporadic into consistent practice. This is when the magic actually happens.

  • Want To Have A Deeper Connection With Spirit Guides

The access to your guides increases as you practice consistently and dedicate time and space to connecting with your spirit guides, gods, and goddesses.

I was looking for a way to connect with my pagan roots and The Awakened Soul Coven is exactly what I needed. The material is broad enough to give a great foundation in The Path, and the monthly meetings allow every a chance to work on their witchy specialization. Ethony is a fun, engaging leader who holds calm space for the group and still manages to keep us on track with our spells and studies. Definitely the perfect Coven for an Eclectic Witch like me to thrive. – LIRA, USA



The Awakened Soul Coven follows a structured process with content planned 2 years in advance to help you develop your magic, spirituality, and intuition.

Each month we focus on a new Goddess and her attributes that we want to call into our rituals, activities, and spiritual practice. All content is available for download until the end of the month so you can keep it forever and add to your magical repertoire.

Live Call 1 : Full Moon Ritual

full moon ritual zoom call image

Join your fellow witches on a live video call from anywhere in the world to celebrate the full moon and cast a spell with the help of the Goddess of the month, Ix Chel The replay is available for the rest of the month to members who can not make the live call.

Our full moon in September is in Pisces. This Full Moon Ritual we will be creating a Dream candle vessel and will be asking Ix Chel to bless it and our dreams.


Live Call 2 : Witches Workshop

witches workshop zoom call image

Every month we work on a new activity that will enhance your magical practice on a live video call. Past activities have included candle scrying, runes, spirit painting, palmistry, animal guides, and much, much more. A replay is available for the rest of the month to members who can not make the live call.

In our workshop in September, we’ll be making a Moon Goddess Statue.

Live Call 3 : Inside the Witches Circle

inside the witches circle zoom call image

Because our members are a group of eccletic witches we want to learn from each other. Each month one of our lovely witches shares about their personal practice, what regular activities they do, some of her favourite resources, answers any questions people might have and much more!

Free Live Mini Tarot Reading

Have the opportunity for a one-on-one reading with me without having to pay my $150USD hourly fee. During each Full Moon Ritual you’ll pull 3 cards I interpret them for anyone who wants a reading. (This is only available to people who turn up for the live call.)

Access To The Inclusive Awakened Soul Coven Online Community

Get support, make friends, and ask questions with your fellow witches. The people in this group are a real treasure – fun, supportive, and collectively share hundreds of years of practice.

There is an active online private Facebook group for daily connection, social live calls, and people make effort to meet up whenever we are in the same city. Cities with more than one member hold regular local meet ups and even join the calls together from each other’s homes.

Video Training On The Goddess Of The Month

Delve deeper into the Goddess and the aspects of her that you can invoke in your magic and spiritual journey.

In September we are working with the Goddess Ix Chel with the theme of Moon Witch.

New Guided Meditation Each Month

Meet with the Goddess of the month to delve into areas of your life with beautiful guided meditations that you can download and keep. Past meditation topics include protection, boundaries, fears, releasing energetic hooks, meeting your muse, and many others.

In September’s meditation, you’ll meet Ix Chel in your astral temple. You will call in a loved one who has passed or an ancestor to commune with in sacred space.

Monthly Tarot Spread

Gain deeper insight into your life with a monthly Tarot Spread PDF that builds on the theme of the month that you can download and use whenever you want.

In September, you’ll receive a Ix Chel’s Message Tarot Spread.

Beautifully Designed Images and Guides

You’ll also receive a Full Moon Guide PDF, a custom designed image of the Goddess, and correspondences and more that you can keep and add to your Book of Shadows.

Regular Challenges

Every a couple of months we have challenges that either celebrate the sabbats or bring the aspects of the Goddess into our everyday life that you can choose to participate in.

I have been an Awakened Soul Coven member for 6 months and in that time I have felt my practice grow exponentially. The twice a month meetings have helped me meet other like minded people in a super inclusive space. Even though we are all around the globe I feel a wonderful connection to everyone. I so enjoy the full moon rituals as they allow me to make space and take time doing work and connecting with the moon cycles. The exercises done during both the ritual and the Witches Workshops are relevant and a lot of fun! Ethony is really amazing. She’s friendly, easy going and really passionate about her craft. I really appreciate all the work she puts into each and every month, it has really helped me come out of my shell. I also love how she incorporates tarot into each month, the Awakened Soul Coven is just what I have been needing in my life and I am proud to be a part of it. – Susie Gourlay



The Coven’s Working Spell Book

We are currently putting together our first edition of the Coven’s working spellbook. You’ll be able to benefit from hundreds of years of collective witchcraft as we update it twice a year with the spells and rituals provided by members. Members are able to contribute their own designs for their spells and rituals if they choose.

Essential Video Trainings

Each month we update add videos to help improve your practice. The latest video is:

  • How to create your Astral Temple to increase the effectiveness of your magical practice for use in rituals, meditations, healings, and connecting with Gods and Goddesses.
  • Cord Cutting Instructions so you can severe connections with relationships that aren’t working for you or those that you wish to have a fresh start with.

Pagan Glossary

Access to a 33 page Pagan Glossary covering the Pagan lexicon to help you understand the meaning of the words and phrases used.

I want to thank you, Ethony, for the opportunity to be a part of the Awakened Soul Coven Inner Circle. You have given us so much information, and a forum to share questions and experiences without judgement. It has validated things about myself and my beliefs that I have been uncertain about and questioned for a lifetime. I’ve been able to establish a regular, solitary practice, while still feeling a part of the group. I absolutely love your guided meditations, I do them as often as time allows. In the seven months (already!) since we’ve begun, I’ve grown spiritually, and in turn my confidence in myself in all aspects of my life has risen higher than it has ever been. My intuition seems sharper because I trust in myself more. I can’t express how much I appreciate the experience. – KATHY B



The Awakened Soul Coven holds the following to be guidance for living a fulfilling spiritual life

  • Each Coven member remains responsible for their actions and energy while working with the Awakened Soul Coven.
  • We acknowledge the Wiccan Rede – ‘If it harm none (including the self) do what thou will’
  • We acknowledge and understand that we all have different experiences and backgrounds. Discrimination and bigotry is not tolerated in the Coven.


  • A circle where you have a guide on your path, are given a road map, exercises, prompts, rituals, meditations and community.
  • A safe space where we work with making our lives as amazing and magical as they can be. Where you are working with the ideals of self responsibility, self love, care, healing with the foundations of Wicca.


  • A dogmatic, strict circle where there is only one tradition and path. Eclectic Witches unite!

No expensive tools or books are needed to practice magic and be a Witch. I believe that being a Witch is a choice. You may have a lineage that connects back to pagan practitioners but you still have to choose to live your life in a spiritual manner.

Seekers of all backgrounds, gender identity, sexual orientation and geographical locations are welcome.

The Awakened Soul Coven has provided such a sense of community, even to someone brand new to, well, everything it feels like. I love all the learning and finding what works for me and what doesn’t. Plus, seeing everyone’s people’s faces on the live calls and then seeing comments on the Facebook page and through Instagram, it’s really nice getting to know everyone and knowing you’re not alone. – STEPHANIE