Beltane Tarot Blog Hop – Union of Opposites

Beltane Tarot Blog Hop – Union of Opposites

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This Tarot Blog Hop theme is the Union of Opposites. My take on this are some of the opposing Tarot Combinations that can come up during a Tarot Reading.

Tarot Combinations are something that I love exploring. It is even better when you have more than one person have a look at the cards and see what they see in the combination. We all see different and interesting things which is one of the great things about the Tarot.

I have a list of pairs of what I would consider opposites or that picture some opposites in the cards and how I would read or interpret them.I have also switched the cards around so that we can take a look at how that may change the meaning.


The Key Themes: Are very brief and what I am using to label these cards as opposites. There are many many key theme words that can be used and some have a few themes so I am making it simple for this post.

Querant: The person who is consulting the Cards

Alchemy: When we bring the two cards together

Tarot Combinations 6      Tarot Combinations 7

Tarot Cards: Three of Swords and the Two of Cups

Key Themes: The Heartbreak Card and the True Love Card

Union of Opposites Meaning: You have come out the other side of heart break and are beginning to let love in, even better in this situation you are building a true love relationship with yourself.

Switch the Order: This would indicate that a once healthy and abundant relationship has either dissolved and it has been very painful or is going through a time of a lot of strain and pain.

Alchemy: There are always hard times in every relationship, nothing is perfect all of the time. There are many sayings about knowing who is worth your tears and forgiveness. This alchemy speaks to this.

Tarot Combinations 5     Tarot Combinations 4

Tarot Cards: The Fool and The Hermit

Key Themes: Being Open and Hiding Away

Union of Opposites Meaning: Energy that was once expanding, open and ready for new adventure has turned inward. You are now bringing your energy into yourself and are looking to introspect more going forward.

Switch the Order. After a time of soul searching and solitude you are  now ready to apply all of the things you have learnt about yourself in your new ventures. This time of reflection has allowed you to see things in a new light and embrace the world again.

Alchemy: Ever expanding energy does need somewhere to go, the choice will be for you to decide on whether you want to bring it inwards or send it out into the universe. This is also the combination of ‘know when to speak and when to keep your mouth shut’.

Tarot Combinations 3     Tarot Combinations 2

Tarot Cards: The Four of Wands and The Tower

Key Themes: Security and Harmony and Destruction and Change

Union of Opposites Meaning: The harmonious environment/situation that you have been used to is about to change in a very sudden way. Even knowing about this is not going to change the fact that is it going to happen. This change is out of the querents hands, all they can do it be prepared to take on damage control once the dust settles.

Switch the Order: After a large, life changing upheaval things are going to start to settle down and level out. You will be able to breathe deep again and start to build your security again. Ensure when you are setting out on re-building that you learn the lessons of your past so that you rise stronger for the experience.

Alchemy: All security is an illusion and everything changes. Don’t be fooled by something that seems like it is completely solid, but also don’t be paranoid that everything is going to be taken away from you either. Live in the moment and enjoy what you have.

Tarot Combinations     Tarot Combinations 1

Tarot Cards: Five of Swords and the Ten of Cups

Key Themes: Fighting and betrayal and Happy Family

Union of Opposites: You may be lashing out at those closest to you because of how you are really feeling about yourself. If you are able to push the people who love you the most away before they abandoned you, then you run less risk of being caught off guard. If there is family fighting going on, time to look at what is really causing the issues.

Switch the Order: The honeymoon is about to be over, sharing space with people is not always easy and when too much time is spent with people we can start to get cabin fever and then start to lash out. It may be time for some space before someone says something they can’t take back.

Alchemy: What people project to the outside World as their truth may not be what is in reality. The ‘Happy Family’ may all be for show with an entirely different story going on beneath the surface. This may also indicated that there is an unhealthy home life for the querant and that they may be suffering from some mental and emotional attacks from people in their family.

Tarot Card combinations are usually very personal for a Tarot Reader, we all have our own combinations which will signify certain things happening for our Clients. Try this exercise for yourself and see what you come up with.


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Tarot Deck Used – Robin Wood Tarot


Until Next week...

8 thoughts on “Beltane Tarot Blog Hop – Union of Opposites”

  1. I like the combinations that you put together. i could relate to a lot of them, especially the fool and the hermit combo. Blessed Beltane & thanks for sharing.

  2. Excellent focus on combinations in this post, and the differences when having the cards in different positions relating to each other. Very valuable perspectives, really! 🙂

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