The Top 10 Crystals for Enhancing your Tarot Reading

The Top 10 Crystals for Enhancing your Tarot Reading

In this post, learn ways you can use the crystals in your tarot practice and some of my favorite crystals to use with the Tarot.

Witches, energy practitioners and mythical babes alike use crystals because of the way they complement these practices – and they’re so darn gorgeous. 

The tarot stones used for this practice don’t have to be large or expensive, and the good news is, the stones on this list are easy to find, available and not too expensive at all.

So many times I’m asked how I incorporate crystal for tarot readings and which ones I like to use, or that I find effective. As with everything, remember to take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind. 

Best Crystals for Tarot Reading


1. Amethyst for Tarot

Known for elevating energy and vibrational frequencies, Amethyst is the perfect stone for any energy practice. I personally have always loved the colour purple and have always been attracted to this stone in my tarot readings. However, this powerful crystal is also known for aiding in connection to other planes, which also makes it great for channelers, mediums and intuitive readers.

2. Clear Quartz for Tarot

Easily one of my favourite crystals, Clear Quartz is amazing for magnifying energy and helping clear minds and spaces. This is what makes it great for tarot readings, as it can provide some clarity for the questioner and focus to the reader. This stone can also help direct energy where you want it to go.

3. Smokey Quartz for Tarot

A protection stone, the Smokey Quartz compliments a tarot reading nicely, protecting the space. It has the ability to remove negative energy and blockages from clients, as well as aid in entering energy in the solar plexus, hands and feet. This is also what makes it great for tarot because the cards are in their hands and their feet are grounded on Gaia (Earth).

4. Garnet for Tarot

When I wear or hold a Garnet stone, I feel so grounded and almost like I have an extra layer of energy – like armour. I like to wear or have one around for in-person readings. This is because the crystal is known for clearing out sticky and gross energy from chakra centres. As an empath, I don’t want anything attaching itself to me or following me home. Garnet helps expand awareness and allows for healthy energy flow.

5. Black Tourmaline for Tarot

Protecting you from others’ negative energies and just overall nasties, Black Tourmaline is a warrior stone that helps to complete the crystal collection of any energy-working babe. I personally have plenty of it and am also a fan of Brown Tourmaline!

6. Citrine for Tarot

I absolutely love this stone and it’s my little joy crystal. Citrine is unique because it is unable to hold and store negative energy and instead transmutes it. This means that you don’t have to cleanse it like you would other crystals. I make sure to keep one in my purse as it helps keep the energy of my space light and fresh, as well as its amazing manifestation abilities.

7. Apatite for Tarot

Apatite is a crystal that helps stimulate your clairs – clairalience, clairgustance, claircognizance; and especially clarivoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. This really appeals to me as those last three are my strongest clairs. This stone is also great for opening the throat chakra, helping them connect to their intuition and be able to put it into words.

8. Lapis Lazuli for Tarot

With deep-rooted connections to the Egyptian Goddess, Isis, and considered to be the stone of priests and priestesses, this crystal aids in helping a reader gain clarity accessing your deep universal wisdom. A fantastic compliment to your tarot readings, it not only helps attune to our innate intuitive gifts, but it helps us stay detached from taking on our client’s negative energy.

9. Selenite for Tarot

For reader’s who offer services with respect to past lives or even the future, this stone is for your tarot reading. It is so versatile which makes it a great crystal to have in your arsenal.

10. Tiger Eye for Tarot

This stone works a little like a tarot reading as it can help bring together many little pieces to form a whole picture. A grounding and calming stone, that helps you stay in your body and remain centered. This crystal will also enhance your intuitive abilities and stimulate your third eye.

How to Use Crystals for Tarot Card Reading

There are so many ways crystals can be incorporated into your daily life and in your energy work. Below are just a few to name and might help spark some of your ideas!

  • Crystal Jewelry – rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets and more that have crystals in them or are made from them. 
  • Keep a crystal with you on the go, whether it be in your pocket, shoe or even your bra!
  • Put the crystal(s) in your tarot pouch or tarot wrap – also, have them on the table during your tarot reading.
  • Use them to cleanse or recharge your reading space and your deck. 
  • To help ground yourself, open up and centre yourself, meditate with your tarot stones.

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14 thoughts on “The Top 10 Crystals for Enhancing your Tarot Reading”

  1. Thank you so much for this list! I always use amethyst, citrine, and tiger eye with mine, and now you have me intrigued about some of the others, especially black tourmaline! I also really like using sodalite, since my strongest association with it is in terms of creativity/writing and it helps me focus on the storytelling aspect of tarot. If I’m reading for other people, or if my anxiety is high and I want to take it easy on myself as I read, I use rose quartz, too.

  2. themostcakeproductions

    We love the same ones! I love citrine so much I had a mala made of it. Also garnet. Yes yes yes. Have a large palm size coming tomorrow to work with during the New Moon. I need a ring or pendant. Smoky quartz! Clear quartz! Selenite! Black tourmaline! Amethyst! All the yes. I love having the clear and white stones near when I do craft as well as the purples. Raise the vibration. I’m also deficient in fire—so I keep red jasper near. And how did I almost forget? I am a total fool for black obsidian. Among other things, it assists me in seeing truth, channeling, and being open to deity. My other favorites are fluorite and moonstone. I have a green moonstone I’m smitten with. ♥️

  3. I often use labradorite, since its known to help with a deeper understanding of spiritual consciousness. It’s linked to the third-eye chakra, which helps you open your mind to otherworldly realms. I also use desert rose stones, because it gives you clarity of mind and helps to guide you through the story of the tarot. It can also help boost your confidence as a tarot reader.

  4. Thanks so much for this list!! I’m new to tarot and to crystals and learning about the two together like this is a fantastic way for a beginner like me to get started!! I have a garnet bracelet along with a chakra/hematite bracelet along with every stone on this list and THEN SOME!! I’ve recently been drawn to the citrine for the happy happy joy joy vibe and have always loved a good smoky quartz for the protective vibe!! I’m still learning about the tarot and find that just keeping a clear quartz and amethyst around while studying has been extremely helpful with my focus. I also try to keep several stones from this list of these on my mini tarot table for protection (tourmaline, selenite) and to enhance my study time (amethyst, clear quartz, garnet, apatite, lapis for focusing) to help pull images and make connections between them and the cards. Thanks to the other comments I’ll be looking into those other stones to help me along like labradorite, desert rose, fluorite, red jasper, moonstone (personal favorite), sodalite and rose quartz.

  5. Jamie Shuebrook

    I also like rose quartz, labradorite and moonstone. As for my deck pouches I sew them myself and embroider them incorporating stone chips or beads into the designs. I know it sounds OCD but I like putting my magik into the creation of their resting place.

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  7. Thankyou for that informative in depth information, going to try using these crystals in my readings, Thankyou again x

  8. I am a beginner in tarot and crystals its been calling at me for years and honestly i was scared, but i am on a path of understanding myself and putting my fears aside my cards come Monday and part of me feels a enjoy and excitement i can’t wait to see wherethis goes and i have a feeling that its going to be a big part of me

      1. Thank ypu so much for this informative list! Did you do the part 2 of this amazing article/video? I am curious to find out more what other crystals are out there for readings! I use both tarot and oracle decks so I’ll be using these for sure! ❤

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