Break The Cycle Tarot Spread

Break The Cycle Tarot Spread

A Tarot Spread for those times where we want to get off the carousel of drama we find ourselves on.

Hi Tarot Love Bugs, it’s Ethony and today I am sharing with you a new Tarot Spread that I created for those times where we want to get off the carousel of drama we find ourselves on. We all know the feeling of doing the same shit over and over again. Not only does it get OLD quick, it can be frustrating when we don’t know what else to do to shift it.

If you have heard yourself saying things like: “I’m dating the same people all the time.” “The same kind of people keep stabbing me in the back.”  “I don’t know why this keeps happening.”

Well my little Tarot sexy pants, this Tarot Spread is for you!

Break the Cycle Tarot Spread

Crack out your beloved Tarot and/or Oracle deck and while you are shuffling, focus your mind on the carousel of “I’m over it” that you are currently experiencing.

It’s even better if you say in affirmation before you cut the deck: “I am officially done with this shit, today I want to really know why this is happening and more importantly how I can stop the cycle.’’

Break The Cycle Tarot Spread

  1. What belief is perpetuating this cycle?
  2. What lesson am I meant to be learning?
  3. What is likely to happen if I keep this shit up?
  4. What needs to happen to break the cycle?
  5. What do I need to free and release?
  6. What should you no longer accept as truth?

Until Next week...

5 thoughts on “Break The Cycle Tarot Spread”

  1. This is crazy that this comes out exactly as I’m learning about BPD and Narcissist relationships, and myself. Thank you so much Ethony! ❤

  2. Just did this spread. I am very much a newbie, so doing my best. My cards in this spread are:
    1. King of Swords
    2. Page of Wands
    3. Death
    4. Ace of Pentacles
    5. Ace of Cups
    6 Knight of Swords.

    1. I think this is about some family turbulance. Apparently, I am somewhat of a dictator/judge, and I need to stop that, even though I think my advice is good.
    2. Maybe a good message is on its way, to be delivered by a dark young man, possibly a lover or the postman; message is faithful and true.
    3. Death – – if this roundabout doesn’t stop, the end of relationships may be likely. Warning to me to back off and “tend to my own knitting.”
    4. If I heed the previous messages, I will have more contentment and joy in my life. Another message is quickly on its way – – about something valuable or very important.
    5. True heart, joy and abundance can be had in my life and between the family member and myself.
    6. I need to resist enmity: arguing; defensiveness, and opposition in order to have peace in my life.

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