Weekly Articles on Tarot and Witchcraft


It’s Tarot Q&A Time – Reading Tarot for Friends and Family

Today’s question is: When a friend or family member asks you for a Tarot reading what do you do? Will you read for people you are close to?   As always everything I mention here is my perspective and experience, take what resonates to you and leave the rest. Some people have no problem reading for family and friends. Please always go with what you feel the most comfortable with and do that. There is no right or wrong way to approach this. Always go with what feels right to you. Here are some things I would like to share

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Work That Tarot – Mind Your Own Business and Tarot Forecast

Welcome to Work That Tarot and your Weekly Tarot Forecast for your Career. I hope the changes that happened last week in your world were welcomed with open arms and were for the best. My change came in a really interesting form and with the 8 of Cups being all about emotion is it not overly surprising when I look at how it manifested. My experience which I talk about below changed my mental space and therefore changed my emotions. Which can be related to the ‘Walking Away’ vibration of the 8 of Cups. Which leads me to this weeks

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Decisions, Decisions – Tarot Reading

I have been in my new country and city for six weeks now and I have not been working, which has been driving me a little nuts. I have been trying to embrace it (as someone has been encouraging my stubborn ass to do) but it is coming to the point where play time is over and the bank account needs to start having some funds go in and not all go out. (I can spend money yo!) So I have been interviewing for a few places but I have been also struggling with the fact that a new city

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What kind of Tarot Reader are You?

I am currently reading The Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore before I post a review and in her Tarot Basics chapter she asks the reader to ask themselves some questions about what they believe a Tarot reading to be. The questions are good ones and I encourage anyone who works with the Tarot either as a tool for spiritual development for themselves or a professional reader for others to ask these questions. So I am going to pretend that Barbara is asking me these questions and share them here. 1. Can the future be told, and if so to what

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