Creating Narratives in A Tarot Reading

Creating Narratives in A Tarot Reading

Learn how to weave narrative into your Tarot Readings with this Tarot Spread and tips.

This is a video request for a Tarot Readers Academy student who asked about ways that she can gain more confidence in creating a narrative in her Tarot readings rather than just looking at each individual card.

This is something that can take time. Some people are naturals when it comes to talking, writing and seeing stories in images. Other people can really struggle with it. So please don’t feel like you are a failure as a Tarot Reader if this is something you haven’t aced yet.

I thought the best way to learn how to weave narrative into your Tarot Readings would be to create something that kinda forces you to be in story mode. So I have created a Story Tarot Spread where the whole idea of the spread is that you turn your reading into a creative story. Where your querent is the main protagonist and the rest of the Tarot Spread has the elements of the story for you to consider.

I have also created a Worksheet for you with the Story Tarot Spread where you can write your readings down.

I am going to now run through the Story Tarot Spread and give an example reading to walk you through this whole exercise.

For this Tarot exercise you do not need to have a question in mind or be reading for someone else. The Tarot cards are going to give you all that you need.

I suggest that you use a Tarot Deck with imagery that engages you. I teach and initially learnt the Tarot with decks that were Rider Waite Smith inspired decks. They have a lot of visual cues there for you to read off of. Just in case this is the first video you have seen of mine three (if I don’t limit this I could be here all day) suggestions for you are:

  • The Radiant Rider Waite or any Rider Waite Smith deck.
  • The Spiral Tarot (my first real learning Tarot deck)
  • The Druidcraft Tarot

But go with whatever deck you like.

Story Tarot Spread and Worksheets -



Worksheet Questions

Here are some extra questions, that are all in the worksheet that you can ask yourself when creating a story in a reading. Especially when you are learning or honing your skills in this area.

What is there a lot of in the Tarot Reading?

Are there a lot of Major Arcana, Court Cards, a certain suit? – This is a good indication of the dominant energy of the reading and the energy of the reading.

What is missing in the Tarot Reading?

This is just as important. Is there an element that is completely missing? Are there no Major Arcana cards?

What does the Tarot Reading actually look like?

Here is where you want to zoom out and take a look at the aesthetic of the reading. What does it actually look like? Are people in the cards (if you use fully illustrated Tarot cards) looking at each other or turning away? Is there a imagery theme?  Is there a ton of one color? Does that mean anything to you? Take a moment to scan your reading in this way.

Does the Tarot Reading support the situation, oppose the situation?

Is the Tarot Reading cheering on the sidelines supporting the heck out of your Querent or is the tarot reading in the bitch squad planning on turning all of their friends against them? This can let you know if there is a lot of challenges and roadblocks in store.

Does what is going on in the reading make you feel happy, would you want to be in it?

Would you want to be there? Would you want to be the protagonist in that story? Can you put yourself in your querents shoes? How does it feel?

Now it is time to write your story. Bring all of the elements that you have in the Tarot Spread and the questions in your worksheet. Go to the page that starts with ‘Once upon a time’… and start writing. No freaking judgements on yourself or your story writing skills. This is not the point of the exercises. You just want to train your brain to look for patterns and get used to what the flow of stories are like.

I wouldn’t ever go through this step by step for a paying Client of mine, this is more a training exercise but you can ask friends if they would like a reading after you have done this a few times and see if your Tarot reading skills have had a few new elements added.

This is an exercise that I do with my Tarot Reader Certification Students over at the Tarot Readers Academy but I have branched out here in even more detail and added this new Tarot Spread.

If you have a Tarot Question or would like to request a video please let me know in the comments below or via email.

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Until Next week...

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  2. I absolutely love this exercise! The video along with the worksheet will be very helpful to inspire the story within the tarot! Thank you!

  3. Oh my gosh this is so helpful! Started following you on Instagram tonight…love your work! Thank you so much for showing that tarot reading is fun! Excited to try this!!

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