Dark Moon Tarot Spread

Anyone else feeling a little DARK lately? This may explain it . . .

The Dark Moon is on the 15th of July 2015, closely followed by the New Moon. Before you go ahead and set goals and intentions for the next moon phase, take some time to reflect and shed what no longer serves you. You have to put down some baggage before you can walk freely into the next cycle. This is where the Dark Moon Tarot Spread comes in.

The Dark Moon reminds me of a scrying mirror — a black mirror that you can use to divine. Any reflective surface can actually be used for this type of scrying. There are even scrying bowls you can make or purchase for this divining work.
The Dark Moon asks us to pause, meditate, reflect, and shed what is no longer needed before the New Moon launches our energies once again.

Dark Moon Tarot Spread Site

Lay out the Dark Moon Tarot Spread as follows:

  1. Pause — What is the overall theme for this time period?
  2. Love — What to reflect on in the realm of love.
  3. Work/Career — What to let go of at work or in your career.
  4. Spirituality — What to reflect on in your spiritual journey.
  5. Health — Where you need to relax and pause.

Enjoy this brief time of nothingness, and don’t forget to tag me when you use your Dark Moon Tarot Spread — I love to see the Tarot Spreads in action.


And, don’t forget, this Tarot Spread can be used for any Dark Moon.

  • Bella
    Posted at 04:03h, 17 July Reply

    Hi Ethony! I really like this spread!I often focus on what I need to do and what needs to be done, when in reality I should probably be focusing on what I need to let go. I was just wondering if you could explain a little bit about the Dark Moon. How often does it happen? And why does it affects us so much?

    • Ethony
      Posted at 10:08h, 17 July Reply

      Hi Bella,

      Thank you for the love. The Dark of the Moon is that time when there is no light at all reflected from the Sun on the Moon. There is no light in the sky. It is right before the New Moon. It is also called the void of the Moon. It is peak time for releasing. As the moon goes from Full to Dark things can get a little intense especially if you are healing or releasing in your life. We need the darkness and the light. I hope this helps. x

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