Dungeons and Dragons Tarot Spread – The Bard

Dungeons and Dragons Tarot Spread – The Bard

Welcome to my Dungeons and Dragons Tarot Spread series. Blending my love for Dungeons, Dragons, and Tarot has been so fun. I’m going to share a new D&D-themed tarot spread each week.

The third tarot spread in the series is based on the class of The Bard. Being in a campaign with a player who’s taken any improv and loves to perform is a treat. I’ve seen entire groups of Dungeons and Dragon’s players double over in laughter as a skilled Bard charms their way out of almost anything. This is the perfect tarot spread to do when you’re working on a creative project or want a new perspective on your life path.

With the Bard as your guide, discover the song that includes your creative influences, emotional drives, and the impact of your life’s story on those around you.

D&D Tarot Spread – The Bard

1. Your Muse’s Inspiration: The source of your creativity and inspiration.

2. Your Heart’s Song: Your passions and what drives your emotions..

3. Story of the Road: The path you are on and the experiences that shape your narrative.

4. Your Magical Instrument: The tools at your disposal to influence others and your surroundings.

5. Chorus of Voices: The allies and audiences that support and uplift you..

6. Weave of Magic: How you can synthesize your talents to move forward or solve your problem.

7. Grand Finale: Insight into the outcomes of your efforts, magic and actions.


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