Dungeons and Dragons Tarot Spread – The Cleric

Dungeons and Dragons Tarot Spread – The Cleric

Welcome to my Dungeons and Dragons Tarot Spread series. Blending my love for Dungeons, Dragons, and Tarot has been so fun. I’m going to share a new D&D-themed tarot spread each week.

The first spread in the series is based on the class of The Cleric. Every campaign needs a healer. Believe me. I nearly got devoured by a Mimic at level 1 in my first campaign. Clerics use the power of their divine connection to heal and guide the players.

The Cleric tarot spread can help you discover how to nurture your spiritual life, contribute to your community, and draw upon inner strength and external support to face life’s challenges, embodying the Cleric’s role as a healer and shield against darkness. 


D&D Tarot Spread – The Cleric

1. Divine Connection – your current spiritual state and connection to the divine or your higher self.

2. Sanctuary – where or how you find peace and restoration, similar to how a Cleric provides sanctuary.

3. Congregation – the nature of your community and social support and your role in your community.

4. The Holy Rite – the daily actions or habits that benefit your spiritual well-being.

5. Your Spiritual Armor – the defences you must develop against life’s challenges.

6. Guiding Light – the illuminated path ahead and the direction forward.

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