Dungeons and Dragons Tarot Spread – The Druid

Dungeons and Dragons Tarot Spread – The Druid

Welcome to my Dungeons and Dragons Tarot Spread series. Blending my love for Dungeons, Dragons, and Tarot has been so fun. I’m going to share a new D&D-themed tarot spread each week.

The second tarot spread in the series is based on the class of The Druid. This class is so much fun to play. Shifting into a Dire wolf to rip through your enemies, creating difficult terrain and tangling people in vines, speaking with animals. These are just some of the versatile actions the Druid can during an adventure.

The Druid tarot spread can help you deepen your personal growth and the natural progression of your life’s journey. Explore your bond with nature, the forces that flow through it, and you while embracing the class of the Druid.


D&D Tarot Spread – The Druid

1. Sacred Grove – representing your inner harmony and connection to the natural world.

2. Shapeshifting – how you navigate transitions, much like a Druid’s shape-changing abilities.

3. Circle of Life – the cycles and recurring patterns in your current situation.

4. Nature’s Ally – the allies and resources you have or need to call upon.

5. Elemental Force – the raw energies you’re working with; the primal forces at play in your life and how to harness them.

6. Druidic Lore – the knowledge and wisdom you possess or seek.

7. The Wild Growth – the area for growth and expansion in your life, showing where your energies will naturally flourish if tended to.

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