Dungeons and Dragons Tarot Spread – The Wizard

Dungeons and Dragons Tarot Spread – The Wizard

Welcome to my Dungeons and Dragons Tarot Spread series. Blending my love for Dungeons, Dragons, and Tarot has been so fun. I’m going to share a new D&D-themed tarot spread for each of the Classes you can select for 5th Edition.

The fourth tarot spread in the series is based on the class of The Wizard. Wizards in Dungeons and Dragons are bookworms, and they know how important it is to learn as much as possible about the arcane forces of the world. They earn their arcane magic through study and discipline. Their Bag of Holding will have many scrolls and tomes and Gods help you if you don’t return their precious books.

I’ve created The Dungeons and Dragons Wizard tarot spread, which will guide you on your intellectual and spiritual path. Using your favourite tarot deck, identify where to direct your focus for learning and how to utilize your knowledge for maximum success. Embrace the D&D class of the Wizard, mastering the arcane arts and inner discovery.


D&D Tarot Spread – The Wizard

  1. Arcane Library location: Your current state of knowledge and understanding within the sacred walls of the library.
  2. Your Spellbook: The plans you have to consider and carefully choose.
  3. Focus of Power: Where you need to focus your energy and attention.
  4. School of Magic:  Your Wizard’s master’s degree, your strengths or the disciplines where you should focus your learning and mastery.
  5. Ritual of Casting: The processes and routines central to your life’s work
  6. Your Alchemical Transformation: The changes you’re undergoing and the evolution you’re experiencing.


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