Ethony’s Five Card Tarot Spread

This was a little request from a member of the Tarot Readers Academy. This is a Tarot Spread that I use nearly daily and usually at the beginning of a Tarot Reading to see what is REALLY going on around a situation or person.

So let’s dive right in this very easy to remember Tarot Spread that you can use in nearly any situation.

I have also recorded a video example reading for you all.

Ethony’s Five Card Tarot Spread

Ethony's 5 Card Tarot Spread

1. Centre – The energy around a person or situation

2. The Past – What has happened in the past to trigger the current situation or energy

3. The Future – What is the most likely outcome if things keep going the way they are or what is being projected into the future

4. The Known – What is known, what is dominant, what the person is aware of or focusing on

5. The Unknown – What is unknown, what is passive or subconscious, what is beneath the surface, what’s deep down

If you are using this Tarot Spread this Waning Moon make sure you tag @ethony in Instagram and show me your cards!

  • Fiona Benjamin
    Posted at 22:16h, 18 October Reply

    I rarely use spreads but I actually really like the 5 card ‘cross’ spread. I enjoy your take on card 4 and 5! It makes sense- the known (what’s in the mind) the unknown (buried beneath). I usually use card 4 as ‘spiritual advice’ (what is being channeled from above, signs and advice from ancestors/spirits/etc.) and card 5 as ‘what is my foundation… my roots’ (potentially showing stubborn approaches as well!)

    Lovely, thank you for sharing the spread!

  • tita
    Posted at 12:18h, 18 July Reply

    Love it thanks


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