How do you Tarot? – Exploring different aspects to the Tarot

How do you Tarot? – Exploring different aspects to the Tarot

These questions have been put together by a member of the tarot community on YouTube and I wanted to respond to them as it was a really fun tag.

I hope you enjoy it.

1. What do you like about Tarot?

I love tarot so much.  I love the versatility of the tarot. That it’s a really comprehensive way to divine, learn about yourself, help others, express yourself, and learn systems like numerology, astrology, kabbalah and more. The art is another huge aspect of what I love about the tarot, it allows so many people to share their art.

2. What do you use it for?

I Read tarot for people as a profession. I’ve also had many amazing tarot readings from my colleagues and fellow tarot readers.

I teach students how to read the tarot from all over the world. I also teach them how to start their tarot business. I’m an Author and creator of tarot books and decks. I also use the tarot to read for myself but that is for reflection, healing and shadow work.

3. What is your go-to-workhorse deck, the one you can read with, no matter what?

I would say any Rider Waite-Smith style deck. Especially the classic RWS decks. But my go-to deck to read with is the Druidcraft Tarot outside of the decks I’ve created and The Modern Love if it’s one of my own decks I’ve created.

4. What is your (for you personally) most difficult deck to work with, and why?

Overall I find pip decks to be the most difficult but it’s not because I don’t know how to read them in a numerological way. It’s that it doesn’t allow my Clair’s to bounce off the images as fully illustrated decks do. I have more jump-off points and often things unfold in symbols in the deck.

I also really struggle with decks that have animals in them without a good reason for them being used in that card or all court cards that are animals. Again, it’s not that I can’t read them it’s just that they’re not my go-to. There are some exceptions to this animal rule of course.

5. Which deck(s) do you want to study in-depth but haven’t gotten around to do it yet?

The Spirit Keepers tarot is a deck and system I think I’ll be studying for a long time.

The Nameless one. I just purchased this deck at the end of 2022 so it just arrived. It’s so stunning and the boom looks amazing. I can’t wait to dive into the deck and really study it.

6. What is your preferred deck style, and has it changed over time?

The RWS systems of tarot have always been my favorite. It’s the system I learned when I first started and it’s what I teach. That hasn’t changed although I do really like a couple of Thoth style decks, Penelope Cline’s The Liminal Tarot is exceptional, and Mariselle.

Artistic style I love a lot of decks and expressions of the tarot archetypes.

I love pastel cute decks, I like black and white, bright Colors and themed decks.  I’m not a huge fan of decks and art that’s too abstract. It’s just never been my style.

7. Which question would you never ask the Tarot?

I’ve asked the tarot cards a lot of questions. For myself and my clients. I won’t diagnose health. I’m not a doctor. I won’t give investment advice, I’m not a financial advisor. I won’t give specific legal advice, I’m not a lawyer. I also don’t ask when someone will die. Cause I don’t know if that’s something we need to know.

8. When you read for yourself, what do you look for, what kind of questions do you ask?

I read the tarot as a way to connect with my spirit guides and gain information that I would not have considered. So I like to ask. What do my spirit guides want me to know?

If I’m going to do a reading for myself about a situation I’ll use a deck I’m not well versed in or that has its own system. The Witches Wheel tarot is an example. I also prefer to get a tarot reading from someone else if it’s important.

9. After all the things you’ve learned about the Tarot so far, is there something else about Tarot you want to study / research / learn?

I believe there’s always more to learn. I love being a student of the universe. I’d love to learn more about the Thoth system. I don’t know when I’m my life I’ll have the time to switch systems long enough to deep dive but I’d like to at some point. I’m currently a student of the Kabbalah and I know that I’ll be for the rest of my life. How it works with the tarot has been a wonderful addition to my tarot journey.

10. What advice would you give someone who’s just starting to learn Tarot?

Enjoy the journey. You’ve got a lot of time to learn the tarot so don’t rush. Don’t take everything so seriously either. It should be fun. You can only discover something new once. I loved the beginning of my journey being a sponge.

Please don’t feel like you need to have all of the tarot decks to be a good tarot reader or student. You shouldn’t ever max out your credit cards and buy everything tarot related. I’ve been reading the tarot since I was 15 years old and yes, I have a lot of tarot decks and accessories but it’s also taken this many years to collect it all.

This is a video/blog response to Avalon’s post. You can check the original by clicking here.

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