How To Tell If A Goddess is Calling to You

How To Tell If A Goddess is Calling to You

Today, I'll be sharing with you how I discovered my matron Goddess and some of the things you can be on the lookout for when discovering yours. This information is also applicable when you want to find your Patron God as well. 
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Hi, Tarot Bumblebees,

A question I often get asked in my coven is how to know when a Goddess is your matron Goddess. I thought I would take some time to discuss how I discovered my matron Goddess and some of the things you can be on the lookout for when discovering yours. This information is also applicable when you want to find your Patron God as well.

As with everything I share, remember, this is just my experience. I don’t talk for the entire community. Take what resonates with you and simply leave the rest.

You feel or are hereditarily connected to the country/region to that particular Goddess.

Do you have a draw and desire to visit a place in the world that you can not explain? Do you have a hereditary connection to somewhere in the world that is rich in mythology? These are two things that I would suggest to witches to explore when it comes to finding their Patron Goddess. You may find that this doesn’t lead you to the Deity you will predominantly work with, but it is an excellent place to start.

You find their mythology and legends inspiring, and they resonate with you.

I’m a HUGE mythology buff, and I read classical mythology from a very young age, which undoubtedly influenced my love of the old Gods and Goddesses. I read and still do read many myths and legends from around the world. I remember the first time I read about the Goddess Athena, a light bulb went off in my mind, and I just knew I had found the Goddess I would be a Priestess for my entire life. So read up on mythologies and feel into what clicks with you.

You may get a specific Goddess card that comes to you a lot in readings for yourself.

If you work with Goddess Oracle Decks and do daily draws, be on the lookout for Goddesses that regularly come up for you. If this is happening, research more about that Goddess. Meditate with the card, explore that connection more and see where it leads.

You may see their animal messengers in real life.

Most Goddesses and Gods have animal messengers and avatars. They will be heavily featured in the iconography of the deity and their myths. Many Goddesses turn into animals to watch over the affairs of mortals. They can even see through their eyes. If you see a lot of one particular animal in a way that is not typical, there may be something there for you to research.

You may dream of the goddess that is calling to you.

Goddesses can be less than subtle when they appear in your astral world. You may dream about them. They could be simply talking to you in the dream, or you may hear someone say the Goddesses name in the dream. You may see an image or a book on them as well. Listen to your dreams.

They approach you in meditation and energy work.

If you do energy work and meditation regularly, the Goddess who wants to work with you may just approach you in meditation and energy work. You’re open and connected to the source and can receive those energies and messages easier than in everyday life.

You see iconography and images of the goddess more and more.

Say you’ve been reading about a specific Goddess; you may start to see their animal messengers everywhere. You’ll see it on people’s clothing, jewelry, in song lyrics, or even images in ads or TV shows that resemble the Goddesses themselves. Seeing them in the world is a sure sign to look at working with them.

So what do you do when you have identified a Goddess that feels like a connection intrinsically intertwined with you and your spiritual path? Well, that is a whole different topic and video. Stay tuned for a video on ‘How to Build a Connection with a Potential Patron Goddess’ in the future, and let me know if that is something that you would be interested in.

Until Next week...

8 thoughts on “How To Tell If A Goddess is Calling to You”

  1. ❤️ this video looking forward to more I have joined the coven and enjoy learning about different goddesses my question is can you have more than one?

  2. Love this video my question is can you have mote than one goddesses? I am drawn to Hecate and Isis I’ve always loved anything Egyptian

    1. Tiziana Amagda Morgana

      Hecate is not Egyptian. But since Isis is a Mother Goddess while Hecate is a Crone (even if sometimes depicted as a Triple Goddess) and both are also Goddesses of Magic besides linked to the Moon Phases, maybe you have both. Look for signs and animals around. Hecate has hounds for instance. But also Isis is linked to dogs, via Sirio…

  3. I have been wondering this with exact thing in the last month or two. I appreciate you creating this and will definitely follow your advice. I’ve always loved Ireland, told just the idea of it. My maiden name is Irish and I have never known any solid info from or about my father. I’ start there.

  4. I have always enjoyed reading ancient world literature, and have always been drawn to the Greek pantheon. I like their relatability to humanity- they are at times selfish, or petty, vindictive, and they sometimes act and make mistakes illogically and emotionally.

    Still, I NEVER would have imagined just who the presence I had felt around me for the last few months was. I wouldnt have thought of it at all- though I did come to understand I didnt even know how much I needed her magic and her lessons.

    Ever since she burst into my mind and meditation one evening during an herbal cleansing bubble bath like a hurricane six years ago, I have been a devotee of Aphrodite. She is as beautiful as the spark of passion that ignites all creation, which she represents, and is so much more than a mere love and beauty goddess- though she is surely those things, as well.

    Truly, I have been kissed by the Goddess, for she has taught me more of witchery than generations of my Pagan family could ever have imagined. She showed me the beauty within me, and allowed me to find it in others. I love her fiercely, for she is a warrioress- and did not once back down from the battle we faced, together, to rediscover and rebuild my self love. Self Worth. Happiness.

    I constantly feel her presence around me as she guides my path toward where she would have me- a channel for her works to be made manifest upon the physical plane.

    I suppose the clues were there; my love of nature, flowers, beauty. My passion, my rages, my loves. The fact I have NEVER been stung by so much as a tiny sweat bee. Fuzzy bees, drunk on nectar, landing upon me and allowing me to pet them… She was all around me, the whole time. Waiting until I was ready for her.
    My path: A plant shaman. Healer. An Oracle. Witch. I am a Priestess and Melissae of Aphrodite. May she smile upon whomsoever reads this, and gift you with health wealth and happiness!

    “I wasn’t born to be soft and quiet.

    I was born to make the Universe shake and shatter at my fingertips.

    I am the sea- and no one controls me.”

  5. Tiziana Amagda Morgana

    I have always attracted by Mythology since I was a child like you… in particular from Greek Myths and Egyptian ones, but I love reading stories from all over the world. As about my Patron Goddess, She manifested when I became a Wiccan during the Grail Meditation (I had been initiated by High Priestess Phyllis Curott during a Workshop), but she didn’t give me Her name, only mine, so I had an hard time discovering who She was. Since now I am not totally sure, even if I think She could be Gwynfair. By the way, my Wiccan Name is Morgan Le Fay.

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