Invited to Dinner – Samhain Tarot Bloghop

Invited to Dinner – Samhain Tarot Bloghop

Sabbat Tarot Spread for Samhain below as this time of year in both Hemispheres is an excellent time for Divination

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The topic of the Samhain Blog Hop this time is to discuss or show, via the Tarot or any other oracle, who you would invite to an afternoon tea on the Day of the Dead. What do you imagine they’d be like? What Tarot card (or cards!) would represent them? What would you ask them? What would you like to learn from them? Your “guest” can be living, or dead, but imagine them there and then represent them in a Tarot card (or more).

Ian McKellenI have a confession to make. I love Sir Ian McKellen. More than someone who has never met the gentleman. Probably more than the average 31 year old woman does. Not only is he a brilliant actor he was a pioneer for LGBT rights and was proudly a voice for gay actors when most were still afraid to speak out and be who they are. (And no judgement, people aren’t exactly inclusive now all the time let alone all of those years ago) He also has that kind of friendship with Sir Patrick Stewart that is just amazing.

Sir Ian plays some of my favourite characters in movies but my absolute favourite has to be Gandalf. My Mother giving me a copy of The Hobbit was one of the best of my reading life and I adored the wizard ever since reading it for the first time.

What Tarot Card/s would represent them?

Due to my character imprinting I see Sir Ian McKellen as The Hierophant, The Magician and The Hermit.

tarot__the_hierophant_by_sceithailm-d5yktr6Firstly The Hierophant I love this depiction of Gandalf by artist SceithAilm. Honestly this whole deck is so amazing I wish it was actually a real hold in hands deck. While it isn’t my first pick for Gandalf there is the connection to society and its institutions in The Hierophant so that makes sense. Right up until he is betrayed by Saruman he believes in the integrity of the Order and in its members. Which is another aspect of The Hierophant.

The Hobbit TarotThen there is The Magician from The Lord of the Rings Tarot. Gandalf uses magic in a way of the true Magician, he never shows off and I love the line in the LOTR movies where he reminds Bilbo that he is not a conjurer of cheap tricks. He wields and understands his power. Just like The Magician in the Tarot. He also understands that great power also comes in small packages; the Hobbits and he trusts that and them. Which if that trust were misplaced could have ruined them all. More than once. But being the wise man that he is he knows that even one person can change the course of the world.

Lastly I see him as The Hermit, why? It is just the first card that pops into my head. Maybe it is because he is the light and he brings the light to so many situations which is what The Hermit does, he illuminates. Gandalf also helps other characters find their own way from within which is exactly what The Hermit card is all about. This Hermit is from the Robin Wood Tarot. The Hermit Robin Wood Tarot

Being an Actor I am sure that Sir Ian could be pretty much any of the Tarot cards but this is just my take.

What would Ian be like?

I don’t know I am not sure I would want to project what I think he would be like. You know what they say about people meeting their idols etc.

What would I like to learn from him?

If I ever had the pleasure of meeting Ian I would just want to listen, I would ask him to tell me of things that he has learnt in life and what has really stuck with him in his experiences. I would ask about his time in the world of Middle Earth and in the Marvel Universe. I would ask him where his favourite places to gather his thoughts are and what he want to accomplish still in his life. There is just such a twinkle in this mans eyes.

I probably will never get the chance to connect with Ian but at least he is immortal on film.

Many Samhain blessings to everyone reading this Tarot Blog Hop and I have included my Sabbat Tarot Spread for Samhain below as this time of year in both Hemispheres is an excellent time for Divination.

Samhain Tarot Spread

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12 thoughts on “Invited to Dinner – Samhain Tarot Bloghop”

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  2. I almost wrote about Gandalf (not Sir Ian), even though he’s a fictional character. I have never met Sir Ian, but back in 1992 I was listening to the radio and heard that the Royal National Theatre production of Richard III starring Ian McKellen was coming to Denver. I lived in Bellvue, CO at the time, about 75 miles from Denver, and I had no credit card back then to purchase tickets, and the plates on my car were expired. But I called my mom, got her credit card number, purchased a ticket to the show, and drove on expired plates (no ticket, I guess Spirit was on my side that time!) to see that performance. I still have the souvenir t-shirt with the apt quote: “And thus I clothe my naked villainy.” So I am a huge fan going way back! He’s only gotten cooler and cooler over the years. Such an amazing person!

  3. He is quite something, Sir Ian 🙂 And lovely art from SceithAilm, though I wonder whether he has permission from the actors etc. I remember my deep disappointment when the Buffy Tarot got pulled because one actor didn’t want to be associated with “the devil’s cards” 🙁
    Happy Samhain, Ethony 🙂

  4. The spread is great, and I love your choice of guest! I love this actor, too, especially as Gandalf. Having spent so long watching him in character, it certainly would be interesting to hear what he would say, as himself! 🙂

  5. He is a an amazing man. I just saw a video clip where he tells students that they should do their homework or…(full on Gandalf) YOU SHALL NOT PASS.

    Since my name is Arwen, I’ll just let you guess my feelings about Tolkien. 😀

  6. He is rather marvellous. We have a great tradition in fine stage actors in this country. There is just something in the way they enunciate that sets them above the ordinary 😀
    I have a soft spot for John Mills. At one time I thought about sending him a letter thanking him for the pleasure his work had given me (Ice Cold in Alex is still one of my favourite films) and regret never having done so before he died.

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