Mercury In Retrograde Tarot Spread

This Tarot Spread was designed for you to use before any Mercury in Retrograde to be more self-aware and prepared to move into this time of miscommunication, tech hazards, and people generally being insufferable *jk* (well kind of). 
Being clear with your communication is never a bad thing, and taking a few moments to re-read your email before you hit send or ask clarifying questions before you take on a new task is going to help you avoid a lot of the pitfalls during a Mercury in Retrograde. 
With any Astrological event, there can be a tendency to overreact to its effect in your life or to use a planet millions of miles away as a scapegoat. Remember to keep your power during the Mercury in Retrograde, don’t give it away or lessen yourself. Control what you can. 
1. Prepare Yourself – How can I best prepare for this Mercury in Retrograde?
2. MR Theme – What is the key theme or lesson I am going to experience during this time?
3. Wrap it Up – What would benefit from being completed or resolved before this Mercury in Retrograde?
4. Get off the Hype Train – Where will I need to hold my power during this MR?
5. Throat Chakra – What can I do to ensure I am clear with my communication during this Mercury Retrograde?
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