My Favorite Tarot Reading Accessories

Hi lovely ones today I am sharing my favorite Tarot Reading accessories.

Before I get started, I want to take a moment to clearly state that you do not need these accessories to be a good reader and to have accurate readings. These are also not prerequisites for being a Tarot Professional by any means. I have been in this arena for many a moon so I have gathered these things over the years.

It is also important to note that not all tools are going to resonate or work for you. You may be less interested in ceremony and ritual than I am and that is totally perfect. We are all different and we can all work in different ways. As I always say take what works for you and simply leave the rest.

I also believe that you do not need to go out and max your credit card to get all of the items shown here. Your beliefs around money and spiritual items are yours and what you choose to spend your money on is also your choice. As it is totally my choice to spend my money on what I spend my money on. Being fiscally responsible is a spiritual act as it is good self care but that is a massive subject all on its own.

I am not putting Tarot or Oracle decks on the list as this is implied that the Tarot is the number #1 tool and the rest are my favourite accessories. I am also not putting Tarot books on the list as I have done videos on that before and for me, they are not really accessories.

So with all that in mind let’s take a look at my list.

1. Sage + Palo Santo

sage and palo santo

These are the two tools that I use the most when I am doing a smoke cleansing or smudging in my space. I also use them to cleanse my cards by passing my Tarot deck through the smoke.

There are so many different types of incense and bundles available so you are bound to find something you love to use.

2. Smudge off Aura Spray

smudge off aura spray

If you are unable to do smoke cleansings for any reason this is an amazing spray you may want to consider. I even have a bottle of it in my son’s room that he uses.

I am constantly buying these sprays for people as they are a quick way to shift and cleanse energy. Handmade by a witch and excellent for carrying around in your mobile toolkit.

Get it here

3. Speak Your Truth Aura Spray

speak your truth aura spray

This stuff is so good I give it to everyone. Not only is it excellent to use to open your throat chakra before working on your readings it is also excellent for when you come across creative blocks. This for me is an essential.

Get it here

4. Tarot Bags

tarot bags

I have a lot of Tarot bags but there are two places that I find my favorite ones. One is from DivineNoctivaga on Etsy which, full disclosure I am a friend of the owner but she does make awesome bags.

Another place that I find great bags is Chapters (which is Barnes and Noble for my US friends). I often use the pencil cases at Chapters as Tarot and Oracle bags.

I keep the boxes that my decks come in but I like the easy access to the cards that bags provide and it also ads another layer of protection for the cards.

Get them here

5. Jewellery


My favorite pieces have been with me for a long time. My quartz crystal ring was purchased in 2006 and I have been wearing it on my middle finger of my dominant hand pretty much ever since. My other rings are rotated and I have a few necklaces I like to wear while reading as well. I am actually not a very big jewellery person at home when I am kicking around in my yoga pants. Wearing jewelry for me is part of the ritual as each piece is chosen and worn for a specific reason.

6. Crystal Altar

crystal altar

I create a new Tarot Reading altar every day I do client readings. Why? It’s a lovely ritual for me to get into the zone. It allows me to select the stones and energy I want to work with for the day and ads a little something special for my clients photos.

I also put statues and tools on the altar too if I am called to do so. While I have two permanent altars in my house these are created much like when I cast circle to hold space daily when doing my work.

7. Bells

I have a number of bells that I use by my tinkcha bells are one of my oldest and most favourite sets. They are another lovely tool to use to move vibrations and energy and tune into my clairaudience.

8. Candles

In the centre of my Tarot reading altars I have a spirit candle which is the candle I light to bring in the element of spirit and connect to my spirit guides. I usually use a tea light candle for this as I have a few lovely holders I like to use.

9. My Purple Book and Tarot Journal

my purple book

This is one of my most treasured Tarot items. This book holds notes on every single card from over the years. Little insights or key things I want to remember about the cards. I keep it on hand at my work space so when inspiration strikes I can jot down notes in it.

My Tarot Journal which is also purple notes on Tarot spreads that I have created and all of my personal Tarot readings.

10. Tea


There is nothing better than having a hot cup of tea when Tarot reading or writing. I have a few favorites for when I am reading and by far I love my lemon and ginger tea the most.

11. Oils

Oils can be used in a variety of ways. My favorite way is to put a dab on my wrists and sometimes on my third eye before carrying out a Tarot reading.

I don’t use them on the palms of my hands as I don’t want it to stain my cards and I use them sparingly. Make sure you test your oils out if you purchase a mixed one. As a person with sensitive skin I know how uncomfortable it can get when you have a bad reaction to an oil.

12. Singing Bowl

This is one of my two singing bowls that I have. It is another way to clear space and cleanse decks and also to chant to. Each singing bowl comes with a specific tone in mind and they are linked to the chakras so be sure to pick the right one for you. I find it is always best to try them out in person if you can before you purchase one so you are 100% sure you love the tone.

That’s my list. Do you use any of these tools? What are your favourite Tarot reading accessories? Let me know!

  • Susie Gourlay
    Posted at 20:35h, 20 November Reply

    I LOVE that tarot bag and journal!! Do you share more on how you use your tarot journal?

    • Ethony
      Posted at 11:55h, 21 November Reply

      I have not yet but I may in a future video 🙂

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