My Tips for finding an AMAZING (and reputable!) Tarot Reader

My Tips for finding an AMAZING (and reputable!) Tarot Reader

Here are my top tips that YOU can do to avoid getting scammed, played, or taken advantage of.

Hi, Tarot Bumblebees,

Raise your hand if you’ve been scammed by a Tarot Reader. Yeah, me too! Finding a reputable tarot reader isn’t as easy as it sounds, and that’s precisely why I’m going to walk you through the different ways you can find a reputable reader and red flags to watch out for. I’ve been reading the Tarot for over 22 years for clients worldwide, so I know a bit about being a credible tarot reader in the community. 

You’ll know a reader is reputable when they make you feel welcome and at ease. They’ll have an air of actually knowing what they’re doing and walk you through what they’re offering. They have a code of ethics posted on their website and record all readings, so they have something to offer you at the end of your session. These professional touches let me though that I’m working with someone who is a professional and deserves my business.

Here are my top tips that YOU can do to avoid getting scammed, played, or taken advantage of.

Researching Reputable Tarot Readers

1. Get a referral

I think this is the best way to find a reputable Tarot reader. First, ask a friend who’s had a good experience. My Tarot mentor is always booked, and that’s purely because of referrals; she doesn’t do any marketing. This is when you know you’ve found a good tarot reader.

2. Find someone with credibility

This is an excellent option if you’re unable to find someone local. Look for someone who’s published a Tarot book or has their own decks. Someone well-known in the community that has a good track record online. This may look like someone who has a regular Tarot blog that is up-to-date, active on social, or has a good Youtube channel. What you’re looking for is consistency and something that you can look at that show you what kind of reader are and the reading style.

3. Check out your local metaphysical store

What’s great about metaphysical stores is they do background checks, and the Tarot reader is usually asked to give a reading to the owner before they bring them into the team. Not every shop will have this, but most will offer a good policy around readings and will be vetted.

4. Check out Google

Google your local readers. I love to look at their Google reviews or Facebook page reviews.

5. Tarot/Psychic websites

Believe me when I say there is little to no reference or skill checking. A lot of the time, the reader just wants you to stay on the phone as long as possible as you’re being charged per minute. That being said, while it is harder to find a reputable reader and takes a lot of trial and error, I’ve met some excellent readers this way.

Tarot Reading Red Flags


1. Asking for payments over social media

Unfortunately, this has become a big red flag, especially as of late. Many people in the Tarot industry, including myself, have been mimicked by scammers who target our followers and scam them. Most reputable Tarot readers will have a website where you can purchase a reading, and they have proper payment methods in place. Don’t just give money away to people on social media. Even Paypal can be used in nefarious ways sometimes; if they ask you to use the “donate” or the “friends and family” feature to send money, do not do it. This voids your protection as a buyer.

2. Do they have a website?

I personally believe that professional Tarot Readers should have websites. I have a hard time giving my hard-earned money over to someone who only has an Instagram account. Now, every beginner has to start somewhere, and I’m not telling anyone to go out and build a 20k website. What I’m asking for is something, some sort of footprint outside of Instagram that shows they’re a part of the community.

3. Pricing

If you’re coming out of the Tarot gate charging $350/hr for a reading, this is definitely a red flag to me. Everyone starts somewhere, and I’m not here to shame anyone for their pricing structure, but I believe someone’s level of experience should be reflected in their pricing. Tarot readings are on a sliding scale; there’s no fixed price.

No matter how you find a reader, you need to do your due diligence, do your research and trust your gut. If you’re getting weird vibes, you, as the buyer, have the power to leave. So what are your best tips for finding an amazing and reputable Tarot Reader? Share with everyone in the comments below.

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