New Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread and Energy

New Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread and Energy

Hi Tarot Moonbugs, it’s Ethony and we are going to be under the New Moon in Cancer on the 23rd of June 2017 and welcoming the season of the crab.

I want to share with you some New Moon energies, some of the things you may experience at this time or want to embrace. Aligned energies to help with your manifestation and then we are going to do the New Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread. I will switch cameras and do a sample reading as well. So let’s jump in.

New Moon Energy Scope

The New Moon is always a wonderful time to do manifesting work. It is the time of the lunar cycle where we are bringing things into our lives as the moon’s power, glow and visibility to us increases until it peaks at the Full Moon. This is a wonderful moon for you to do some nurturing work with your relationships and the people you care about. Relationships get into ruts and routines quickly.  Take the opportunity of the New Moon in Cancer to make a commitment to nurture the people you love and the relationships that make life better.

I know and love a lot of beautiful Cancerian people; my son is one of them. I see and feel a common thread with these souls. They love deeply and when they are hurt they throw up their walls quickly, often shielding their true feelings. It doesn’t mean we need to step on eggshells around our moon friends, but know that there may be some pain behind their hard exteriors.

The zodiac of Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Water, water, water. Ebbs and flows and ever changing. If there was ever a moon to flow with, it is this one. It is okay to put your needs first and say no to things that don’t feel right.

Tending to our emotions is a wonderful thing at this time. I like to take some time to check in and see how I am meeting my emotional needs. Some emotional intelligence time. There are healthy ways to go about being loved and valued and there are PLENTY of unhealthy ways to do it and they are often the easiest. I mean, do what you are going to do, but a quick check in may save you regret later.

New Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread

It’s time to get personal and deep! This New Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread can be used every year at this time.

I see this Tarot Spread as a little self love ritual, allowing us some space to check in and work on nurturing ourselves and our relationships.

New Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread Illustration with astrological sign and tarot cards


  1. Emotional temperature – what your emotional health is during the new moon
  2. Need to Nurture – how we can feed our souls during this moon cycle
  3. Drop Your Guard – What has been guarded for too long
  4. Sideway Stride – What needs to be tackled head on and not through a side step around
  5. Connections – How can you improve your relationships at this time

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