New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon in Pisces rises on the 26th of February 2017 and along with it, the season of the Mystics of the Zodiac.

There is also a solar eclipse in Pisces at this time. Your dreams could be more vivid and alive than usual, and people who work with dream energy and lucid dreaming should be extremely excited for this New Moon.

Any moon in Pisces is super dreamy and mystical so I wanted to share some tips and a little ritual to help you remember your dreams, as they may hold important messages for you, and it is really fun. You can use your dreams and intuitive hits to help you manifest your desires and goals. It is a powerful combination when you use your mystical gifts along with daily work.

Even if you do not work with your dreams, pay attention to your intuition. Listen to your inner guidance and body to help you navigate this time.

If you feel as though you are struggling with the real world and with getting shit done, carry around some grounding crystals such as hematite and red jasper and ground often. Focusing on just one thing at a time can really help. Turn off your social media for a while. It helps believe me.

Dream Recall: The Pouch

This is a little pouch for dream recall that you can make and slip under your pillow or keep by your bed if you move around a lot in your sleep.

You will need

  • A small pouch or fabric for a pillow (It only needs to be small a few inches will do). All of your crystals and herbs need to fit into the pouch, so be aware of that when you pick your crystals
  • A small tumbled amethyst stone – wonderful for awakening psychic abilities
  • A small tumbled moonstone – wonderful for dream protection
  • 1 teaspoon of Damiana dried herb – this herb is said to increase clairvoyant and psychic abilities
  • 1 teaspoon of dried Jasmine flowers – stimulates the creative mind and also provides psychic protection. This is also a herb of the moon.
  • 2 teaspoons of dried Mugwort – THE herb for visions and prophetic dreams.

Mix your herbs together and place them in your pouch along with the crystals. Make sure it is sealed well.  You can even sew it shut. I would also charge my pouch by holding it in between my hands and seeing it filled with universal light.

You can use oils if you do not have the dried herbs if you like too. You will just need to put a diffuser bead or fabric inside for the oils. If you are handy at sewing, you can make a little pillow too. I am just no good at sewing so I wanted it to be as easy as possible.

All of the herbs that are used for this dream pouch are not to be taken internally. I am not a herbal medicine practitioner. I am talking about the magical qualities of these plants.

I purchase my herbs from Gaia Garden.

Australian Witches I have not purchased herbs from this store but they have great stock and some awesome Witchy things – Elfhames.

Night Time Ritual to Remember your Dreams

Before you fall asleep, take your dream pillow or pouch (or an amethyst or moonstone if you don’t have one of the pouches) and hold it in your hands.

Close your eyes and say to yourself three times.

“By the winds of inspiration and memory, I remember my dreams

By the waters of my subconscious and intuition, I remember by dreams

As I will it

So mote it Be”

See yourself waking up gently in the morning and recalling your dreams with ease and writing them down.

Have a pen and a dream journal or mirror book next to your bed so that it is at arm’s reach. I have created a Free Dream Journal for you, that you can download here.

You can now place your pouch or crystal under your pillow or by your bedside and drift off to sleep!

Tips for dream work

  • Having an alarm can bust through your dreams. They are necessary for modern life at times but if you can allow yourself a day to wake up naturally to do this, you will find your results are better.
  • Don’t talk to anyone for a few minutes when you wake up. Close your eyes again and focus on even the smallest detail from the dream that you can remember. You will find it comes like unraveling a thread.
  • Give it time. I am a light sleeper and have always been able to remember my dreams. Not everyone is like that.

Do you remember your dreams? What are your rituals and tips for dream recall?

New Moon in Pisces Tarot Spread

This Tarot Spread works with the energies of a new moon in this sign. When things get stirred up by our subconscious, we can get a little emotional so a reading for yourself may give you some space to reflect on the best way to give yourself self care and also get things done in your daily life.

New Moon in Pisces11

  1. How can I best manage my energy levels?
  2. What requires my attention and awareness right now?
  3. Where/how can I show more compassion in my life?
  4. What can I do to bring more self care into my spiritual practice?
  5. What do my spirit guides/higher self want to share with me as guidance?

Share your Tarot Reading with the #newmoonpiscestarot

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  1. Thank you very much for this. Got together with a friend and did the spread and made dream pouches. The spread was crazy on-point. Looking forward to dreaming with my new lovely bed-time routine addition.

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