Oracle Wednesday – June 5, 2019

Hi Tarot Lovelies,

After five years of sharing Oracle Wednesday through my email list, Instagram, and Facebook, I’m mixing things up! You can now find Oracle Wednesday on Instagram TV, Youtube, and my blog.

So let’s get started!

Take a deep breath.

Centre yourself and pick the card that you feel the most drawn to.

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Pick Your Card

5th June 2019 - Pick a card

Did You Pick Pile 1?

5th June 2019 Pile 1

Cards Chosen: Mountain Goat, One Small Change, and Release

It is time for you to get a new perspective. Mountain goats are able to scale and climb higher than any other mammal on earth, so are you reaching high enough to see what is really going on? Once you have a new vantage point, change one small thing and then release your expectations and the way you think things should be to allow new space for growth and progress.

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Did You Pick Pile 2?

5th June 2019 Pile 2

Cards Chosen: Orca, Ask for Help, and Boundaries

You know who your real friends and healthy family are and if you don’t ask for help and see who follows through. It is a great way to find out. If you know, you have been called to this group of cards as a warning sign that you need to let other people help you. Yes, you can do it all on your own but it doesn’t mean you have to or if it is in your best interests to. Your energy may be lower than you think and your boundaries tested.

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Did You Pick Pile 3?

Cards Chosen: Hummingbird, Embrace Imperfect: Color with Crayons, and Gratitude

Things are never going to be perfect and guess what, that is just about as perfect as it gets. The joys in life come in being present in the every day and finding love and happiness in the little things. Taking that further, you can express gratitude with the words and actions you carry out. Just see how quickly things grow in your garden of joy when this is the way you move through the world.

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Decks Used

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Awakened Soul Oracle

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Manifesting Your Greatness Oracle

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