Tarot Grimoire introduces you to the cards’ symbols and meanings as well as a complete course in spellcasting with step-by-step instructions. For each seventy-eight cards.  With an original spread and a customizable spell to empower readers to manifest the energies the arcana embodies.

Tarot Grimoire

Bring the Magic of Tarot into Your Life


– Tarot card core meanings and keywords

– A unique tarot spread for each tarot card.

– A practical magic tarot spell to manifest positive changes in your life.

– Tables of tarot and magical correspondences.

Tarot Grimoire offers deep insights into your magical journey through the tarot.

Hi, I'm Ethony Dawn

I’ve been reading the Tarot for over 25 years for clients worldwide, and I love my job. My first book, “Your Tarot Court”, was published with Llewellyn in 2019, and this is my second with my wonderful Publisher.

 I  have also created 4 Tarot decks and 3 Oracle decks. I’m the headmistress of the Tarot Readers Academy, which has over 10,000 students, and I’ve been teaching people to read the Tarot for over 18 years.