spotlight on tarot charm casting

Spotlight on Carrie Paris Tarot Charm Casting

My mum wore a charm bracelet when I was young. I was fascinated by all the charms and used to play with it. Later in life, she deconstructed it and I was worried that the charms would get lost. So I stole them (sorry Mum).

Here they are:

My mum's charms

My favourite is the skeleton. All the bones move around independently.

When I interviewed Carrie Paris, she was thrilled that I “rescued” those charms. As diviners, we look at things symbolically. My charms give me the ability to dig deeper, find messages and stories, and divine for anyone – with that bracelet alone.

And it’s interesting, that skeleton is about bones. The deepest part of ourselves. When I do my work, I metaphorically get under the skin the the bones of a situation with people. A fitting charm for me.

I interviewed Carrie to find out more about her Tarot Summer School Course – Tarot Charm Casting. And you could say she’s quite the charmer (see what I did there?).

What Attracted You To Charm Casting?

There’s this great quote I use a lot by the poet Rumi “What you seek is seeking you”.

About seven years ago, I released a Lenormand Deck with Roz Foster called the Lenormand Revolution. One day I was sitting on my living room floor looking at cards and the anchor card was on the floor which means stability, grounding, rooting to a place. I had also received a vintage postcard that day with an anchor on it. Recent to the same time, I was also gifted from my mom a charm bracelet with an anchor on it. The lightbulb went off. I thought “wow! I wonder if there are symbols that match the other 36 symbols in the Lenormand Deck?”

So I jumped online and discovered, yes, there were. And I thought “oh my gosh, here’s a great opportunity to get back into casting.”

I had already done casting before. In fact, when I was at university I had gone there to learn more about my art as a diviner and there was a great masters program at the University of Kent called Cultural Studies of Cosmology and Divination. I went into that Masters program thinking I would deepen my understanding of Tarot, which was one of my first passions besides alchemy. While there one of my advisors told me to let go I what I already know and learn about something that I don’t know about.

So we looked at the cultural history of divination and one of the first things that people divine with is casting – throwing something or casting something out into the universe and receiving answers. So everything came together from those two experiences – the conversation with my advisor and the fateful day sitting on my floor in my living room and having that lightbulb moment.

That saying always stays with me “what you seek is seeking you”. I was curious enough, I was receptive enough, the timing was right, and this idea came to me and I took off with it.

From that moment, after I did the Lenormand Charms – The Lenormand Magpie Oracle, I wanted to do something that wasn’t attached to any system that was already established, such as Tarot. So I made another Oracle called The Keepsake Box that was filled with symbols that represented universal symbols that everyone could relate to. That was really popular.

From there I’ve made five or six other kits because people love it. It’s super easy, super accessible, and instant.

Why Do You Think Tarot Readers Can Benefit From Charm Casting?

We are already symbol seers. We look at imagery on cards and can decipher an added layer of messaging that is trying to present itself through art. Charms add a three dimensional layer. It’s a different object, it’s not part of an artistic painting and it’s singular. So we look at it one single symbol – like the anchor and we’ll see that it represents another layer of insight.

Let me give you an example.

The Three of Swords is usually shown in decks with three swords piercing a heart. It is a card about forgiveness. Now, let’s say you cast a charm – the anchor.

This anchor gives us some interesting questions to ask:

  • Why are you anchoring into this heartache?
  • Why are you anxiety-ridden and anchoring into those thoughts so you are piercing your heart over and over again?

Or, you may have another interpretation of what an anchor means that brings up different questions. Like Tarot, charm reading relies on your personal wisdom.

Their version is going to be the correct one because it comes from within them. That’s why I think Tarot readers, any diviner really, is going to benefit from Charm Casting.
summer school banner sm

Do you have to be psychic to Charm Cast?

No, definitely not! We are all diviners.

I really wish that people could unlearn everything when they approach charm casting. If you don’t come into everything with a set answer or a memorized thinking that is associated with a symbol, then you are more readily available for answers to come in. Instead of going with a critical mind that already expects an answer, or already recognizes something with a set of answers, then you are leaving out this opportunity to receive an expansive set of answers.

That’s how divination works. Divination does not get along with know-it-alls. What does work is when we just stay in curiosity and keep asking questions – using charms allows you to ask better questions.

How do you think someone could extend this work into their everyday life?

So many ways!

In the Tarot Summer School class, people have the option to get the kit (it’s not mandatory) and also included with that is a PDF filled with casting maps. All of these maps touch on life topics – all the topics diviners meet when their clients come to the table. Love, romance, family, career. All the maps present a layout for each particular topic.

So when you take your charms and you cast them over these topics it starts informing you of where your situation is leading, what’s supporting it, and what can be changed about it for the better, so that you have a map to reach that specific goal if you’re interested in that. So you can start using these things on a daily level. A lot of people pull a card every day. You can cast a map a day if you want to.

There is also going to be a calendar, so I’m going to teach people time casting which is where you predict time, or how you can change time to work so it’s more auspicious for you, rather than detrimental.

So you have a calendar that you can cast charms over the days, the months, the year, or moon cycles and get better acquainted with the rhythms of our own life.

How else do you use charms in your life?

I use it for spell work, in fact, I teach a lot of that whenever I go China. There I teach a tonne of spell work and charm casting, candle, lunar magic. There are so many different things you can do because the great thing about charms is they can also act as a talisman or an amulet. One that protects, and one that pushes information out, or attracts.

When you get into the hang with working with specific charms, and there’s one or several charms that really speak to your situation, and you want to change that intentionally, or through spellwork. You can actually wear it.

When you wear your reading, you’re activating it, you’re charged in it. That makes a huge difference, there’s not too many people that are walking around with a Tarot card. If you want that extra charge and activation of your reading, and really align with it, then wear those charms and watch how your situation changes from that.

Tarot Charm Casting Is Now Available

It is available for purchase as a stand-alone course, or part of the Tarot Summer School Season Pass.

The limited edition Tarot Summer School 2019 Charm Casting Kit is also available now.

Carrie Paris - Tarot Charm Casting

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