Exploring The Major Arcana Through The Chakras with Tori Hartman

Spotlight on Exploring the Major Arcana through the Chakras

Tori Hartman is the creator and author of the best selling Chakra Wisdom Oracle and has been teaching people how to work with Chakra energy and cartomancy for years.

I first got to know Tori after I purchased her deck and I have been using it with my clients and heavily in my Aura Soma practice.  I was excited when I found out that she had created another deck, Chakra Wisdom Tarot and even more excited when she agreed to do Tarot Summer School.

Tori’s work alongside the structure of the Tarot allows for a unique way to unlock the wisdom of our body’s energy and the Tarot’s knowledge. I caught up with Tori to chat more about her course.

What attracted you to working with the chakras in your Tarot practice?

I’ve always studied Tarot and I love it. I love stories and I think the most magical thing we can do is live in make-believe until we can learn to create that same kind of magic in our everyday life. This is what I love most about Tarot cards.

Let me back up and say that after a near-death experience, angels began to appear and tell me stories, fables that I wrote down. Each one was rooted in a color, and it took me years to recognize were actually chakra colors.

This began my 25 year journey with what would become the chakra wisdom Oracle cards. The more I worked with chakra and integrating it into the stories of the fables and how it related to our life purpose, the more I understood how powerful our chakra was.

What I most love is how adding the chakra to Tarot validated what the card was saying and added a new dimension allowing my readings to go deeper.

The truth is it became second nature to look at the aces in the tarot as a root chakra, and it really built from there.

What are the benefits of working with the chakras?

What I love most about the chakra is that it is a personal internal journey that we take to reveal our purpose and in many ways reveal who we really are. There’s a profound level of personal acceptance available in working with the energy of the chakras. The nature of our Western chakra is healing through awareness.

Here are what I consider to be the super fab really cool add-ons that chakras bring to Tarot:

  • Chakra brings a doorway of where to look internally for the story Tarot is revealing to you.
  • Sometimes when we look at a tarot card all that comes forward is the meaning we’ve read in the book. Yet when we add the element of chakra wisdom, the new interpretation can spark a new way of seeing a particular card.
  • In the major arcana, there is a direct correlation between the fool’s journey as a personal path and chakra evolution. The idea is we evolved personally through our chakras, and therefore where we are on our path to be revealed through elements of the fool’s journey.
  • Energy. For example in the second chakra of our Western interpretation, cards here are related to emotional matters. Therefore the two cards and the nines are in the second chakra and are Orange. Think of the nine of swords and the nine of cups. Would you agree that they are both high emotional cards?
  • In some ways, the chakra reminds us that the tarot is directly related to who we are, and can reveal where and how. In any moment we can be an archetype or the energy of it.

In essence, the chakra adds a layer of personalizing a reading.
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What is Chakra Wisdom?

Over the years as I’ve worked with the Western chakra system,  not to be confused with the Eastern practice which is completely different.

If you believe in cellular memory then it makes sense that these wheels of energy would be active in our body as an aspect of it.

I call it chakra wisdom since our internal wisdom implies that we already have the answer inside of us. The 7 Western Chakras reveal what areas of our life they govern. We then already have the wisdom inside of us to have our own answers.

Ultimately, it is about allowing our internal knowing, or chakra wisdom to speak to us.

How does the Fool’s Journey relate to this work?

The Fool’s Journey IS this work! She reveals where we are on our path and as she is in EVERY card in the major Arcana it brings into focus where you are on your own path.  This is detailed in the video course.

For someone who has never worked with their chakras, what does the entail?

In the Tarot Summer School course, I use my Chakra Wisdom Tarot Cards to show how the chakra and the Fool’s journey work. You can simply add some of these ideas to your practice. That said, it is more about being called to learn more if you choose.

Recently I watched someone who knows the chakras read the cards even though she doesn’t know Tarot – again she was using the Chakra Wisdom Tarot – but she was spot on in her readings.

For those who do not know chakra, yet know Tarot, this deck gives an entre into the work quite easily.

The chakras have a natural energy. There are only 7 to become familiar with – and work with.

Do you need to be a witch to do this work?

No, I’ve facilitated people in this work from all walks of life.

Why do you think Tarot readers should explore this work?

The Tarot is an outstanding tool to find answers, Chakra reminds us that WE are the answer.

How do you personally use Chakra wisdom in your own life?

The tools that emerged from studying and teaching the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards, has offered me a place to park my intuitive wisdom at all times. I have learned to access my chakra wisdom – and use the tools to bring me peace. AND I do not always do it gracefully!

However, in the final analysis of this, I can say the goal has been internal peace. Which through using the Western chakra system, I have found. I wish this for everyone.

Exploring the Major Arcana through the Chakras

It is available for purchase as a stand-alone course, or part of the Tarot Summer School Season Pass.

Exploring the Major Arcana Through The Chakras

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