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Spotlight on Kelly Fitzgerald – Connecting To the Web – Exploring Divination

Kelly Fitzgerald, better known to many in the community as The Truth In Story on Youtube, is joining us for the first time Tarot Summer School. I interviewed her to learn more about her unique experience and perspective on divination.

What Attracted You To Divination?

I am not entirely sure what my first attraction to divination was, I devoured everything mythological my whole life, pouring over the section in the library and ran into stories of seers and mystics and Odin gaining the runes and likely, which my fascination of Celtic mythology, something referencing Oghams.

Even my strict religious upbringing was such that I actually read the Bible cover to cover 9 times, and the Bible is filled with casting lots and visiting astrologers and the power of gems and numbers—an a stricture to not use playing cards and dice. This, of course, meant as soon as I was an adult, I started collecting playing cards and trying to read with them.

Then when computers and dial-up internet and newsgroups became popular, oh back in the day before the great World Wide Web, I stumbled on more write-ups about Oghams and Runes.

At the time I was playing and coding for games called MUDs and MUSHs which were “multi user shared hallucinations” or text-based games where you would read text describing what you were seeing and then you could type “left” or “door” and move to another space and read, “You have entered into a woods that is dense with undergrowth and the light only filters in like wavering green starlight.”

I played a character who was a healer who had a travelling little wagon filled with herbs and tinctures and I coded a set of Runes and Oghams where you could hold the box and type “draw” and it would draw a random rune or ogham and gain a message from them—my first divination set.

I remember looking up and studying anything that had divinatory connections and just being fascinated with the way that people have reached out and asked the unknowable questions. I think, in the end, that was the key fascination.

I was a fervent questioner, brought up in a religious space that discouraged questioning, and yet I was oriented in a world where humans have always reached for bones or sticks or shells or looked to the stars in search of answers to questions big and small.

Will my husband come home from the ocean? Will we have enough food to last the winter? Will I find my true love? Will we win this battle? What is my destiny? Will the plague pass me by? How many children will I have? Is it a boy or a girl?… And on and on. Just one in a long spiralling web of humanity asking questions of the universe and then looking for a way to hear the answers.
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What Is The Web?

The web represents the huge connective, multi-dimensional depiction of the way in which I believe all people and all things are connected across space and time. The collective unconscious, the ties that bind everything together, the reason that I believe divination works.

When we ask a question, when we draw a card, when we cast symbols, we are pulling on a strand and then reading what comes back along that strand which is connecting everyone and everything.

Whether you read tarot, oracles, runes, oghams, playing cards, Lenormand, Kipper, geomancy, or something else, you are interacting with an enormous web and you are practicing the innate human ability to be able to exist in the world of symbolism where a house is more than a physical structure but also represents safety, security, debt, status and so on.

Being aware of the way that we work with symbology and doing so mindfully can benefit any practice. And, in fact, cause oracle and divination to extend outside of a pack of cards and into the world where colors and shapes and a flock of birds cutting across the sky is just as divinatory as an image on a piece of cardstock.

Who Can Practice Divination?

It doesn’t take being a witch or a psychic to practice divination – we are all readers by the simple act of being human.

Certainly, some people are more attuned to seeing the connections, have studied the language, so to speak, and so can interpret with more clarity. Some people have natural abilities and can see more easily, but I believe it is something anyone can learn.

My daughter can pick up a guitar and learn a song in a few moments, her ear is really tuned towards being able to replicate what she hears very quickly. I can pick up a guitar and put in some work and some time and some painful fingertips, and I can learn to play a song well.

She has more natural ability, but I can get there with some work and because I do pay attention and love the movement and flow and rhythm of music.

So while I think we can all memorize definitions, I think to really sink into divination, it is a space where learning to really see and listen and draw connections and explore symbology creates that depth.

How Do You Personally Use Divination?

I think that the practice of divination informs my whole world, at least I try to make it that way. I pay attention to my dreams, when I’m walking outside I observe the angle of a tree, or the shape of a cloud, or a clump of flowers or the colors I see. I consider the water moving across a plate while washing dishes.

All contain a message—we are surrounded by moving and shifting symbols and messages. Of course I also read many systems professionally and teach people to use them, so literally, every day of my life involves some layer of divination and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I think when we truly understand that we live connected on this vast and amazing web, it opens the world up infinitely.

Connecting To The Web: Exploring Divination Is Now Available

It is available for purchase as a stand-alone course, or part of the Tarot Summer School Season Pass.

Kelly Fitzgerald - Connecting To The Web: Exploring Divination

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