spotlight on liz worth rock your tarot business

Spotlight on Liz Worth – Rock Your Tarot Business

I’ve been reading the Tarot since I was 15, but it wasn’t until I was on maternity leave from a job I hated that I decided, no matter what, I was going to turn that passion into a full-time business.

And I did. There are few things better than waking up every day (without an alarm clock) as my own boss, after years of having to shlep off to a dull office and grind away.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard. I definitely work harder (and longer hours) for my business than for any employer.

But is it really work if you love it?

And I do.

I love working for myself. I’ve gotten to create and share The Bad Bitches Tarot, Awakened Soul Oracle Deck to name a couple (and have a few more coming… stay tuned). I’ve created Tarot Summer School, written a best selling book, and given hundreds of readings in the last 5 years. All while being able to support me and my son.

I know so many people want to be able to do what I’ve done and given themselves the gift of passion-based self-employment.

But either they don’t start, or if they do, they struggle. And it’s usually for the same five reasons…

  • Fear. Of what people will think, of not being successful, of being successful and being judged, of putting yourself out there.
  • Feeling like a fraud and doubting yourself which means you can’t finish any projects or launch properly.
  • Scarcity mindset. So many creative, spiritual, wise people have guilt and shame around making money selling those services.
  • Marketing. Not knowing what to do, not knowing what to say, or how to get your message out there.
  • Feeling overwhelmed. Running a business is a lot and if you are stuck on any of the above, it can bring everything to a standstill while you go and hide in bed and cry a little.

If you want to have a successful biz, you ain’t got time for any of that.

The journey of many business owners is one of self-development. We have to learn to get out of our own way. We have to learn to wear many hats. Delivering your service is a small part of running the business.

That’s why I’m so excited that Liz Worth is joining us this year for Tarot Summer School teaching Rock Your Tarot Business.

I interviewed Liz to get her perspective of running a Tarot business and learn more about what she is covering in her course.

What Mistakes Do You See People Making in Their Tarot Business?

A lot of us start Tarot businesses because we love reading Tarot and get ourselves to a point where reading comes really naturally. But, the business aspect may not be our strong point.

The big things I see are people struggling with is how to connect with their prospective clients in meaningful ways that are time efficient, having a website vs only being present on social media, and pricing their services.

Technology can also be an issue – whether you are good with it or not.

Sometimes as Tarot people we really want to be offline. My default certainly is to be offline. I would be really happy if we woke up tomorrow and were back in the 70s or 80s! Busy signals on phones and fax machines would be cool with me.

But it’s not the world we live in and we can do a lot with the technology that we have.

On the flipside, there’s a lot of people who are getting into Tarot who have grown up with the internet and are really comfortable online. For them, there needs to be a boundary so they aren’t online 24/7 and take time off for themselves to recharge from work and business.

When you are doing Tarot you are doing a lot of energetic heavy lifting and it’s really important to have clearly defined boundaries for yourself around how you are running your business – whether it’s a full time or a part-time business.

I think that no matter where you are coming from with it, whether you are a little bit hesitant to dive into the technological side or you are really comfortable, it’s about finding a happy medium so you are running your business in a sustainable way. A lot of us aren’t using technology in sustainable ways.
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What Kinds Of Mistakes Do People Make When They Are Marketing Themselves?

Whether people are actively promoting their business, or they are avoiding it, they often are making the same mistake that is overwhelming them. They think “I have to be on every social media channel, I have to be making a podcast, I have to be making Youtube videos, I have to be on Instagram, I have to be doing it all”.

We live in this time in history where marketing ourselves can be easier than ever, but when you have so many options it can be difficult to decide or understand what will be best for you to put your energy into.

While it may look like everyone is doing everything everywhere, many of the successful people in Tarot may only have big followings on one platform.

We can give ourselves the impression that we have to do a lot more than we actually need to do.

Another mistake people make is that they get stuck in perfection. But perfection doesn’t get results, consistency does.

Nothing has to be perfect and everything develops as you go along. Whether you are starting a business, posting a blog, or starting a YouTube channel, the idea that you can’t move forward it’s 100% is overwhelming.

Whatever your goals may be, if you get into that mindset that nothing is ever good enough, you can’t move forward. Perfect is usually unattainable, it’s an ideal, not a reality.

How Did You Get Your Experience To Build A Business?

I have a really diverse background. I started my career in journalism and worked as a freelance journalist. After my first book came out, I transitioned into non-profit communications. I worked in the charitable sector for 8 years doing PR, marketing, social media – the whole shebang.

Along the side during all those years working the 9-5 world, I was doing Tarot for myself. So when that career came to an end I stepped into doing Tarot full time. I also had all that other experience that helped me to understand how I wanted to market myself (and how I didn’t). So I had all these building blocks for growing my business.

Writing is my thing, hence my background in media. That’s what comes most naturally to me.

One thing I thought was important to explore in this workshop is what do you like doing. If a business is going to be sustainable long term, you can’t be doing all these things that drain your energy, or don’t feel fun or inspiring. Instead of forcing yourself to develop a whole bunch of other skills you could be utilizing skill sets that you already have and can tap into right away.

Ultimately, it’s better to pick marketing activities that you are actually going to do, rather than something you think you should do.

It also helps to remember that you can ease into the business aspect by focusing on your strengths and your strong suits rather than feeling that you have to add all of these other overwhelming details on top of it. Starting a business is hard enough.

Do You Have to Be at a Specific Point in Your Business for Rock Your Tarot Business?

No, it’s designed for people at different points in their business. This course is about learning how to save time and money by knowing where to focus your efforts to grow your Tarot Biz. Whether you’re ready to go pro but unsure where to start, or you have an emerging or established tarot business already, but you’re feeling overwhelmed this workshop is for you.

Rock Your Tarot Business addresses some of the key components of Tarotpreneurship to help you build a solid career in tarot.

A lot of it is focused around developing your mindset when it comes to how you want to run your business, how you are showing up in the business, and what you believe when it comes to your own capacity as a Tarot reader.

Rock Your Tarot Business Is Now Available

You will learn how to handle everyday fears that come with running a business, avoid common tarot business mistakes that can end up costing you time and money and how to get clear about which marketing strategies are best for you.

This workshop is packed with practical tips and advice to help you rock your tarot business!

It is available for purchase as a stand-alone course, or part of the Tarot Summer School Season Pass.

Liz Worth - Rock Your Tarot Business

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