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Spotlight on Mia Alviz – Exploring Sexuality Through Tarot

When it comes to the cards, the questions on everyone’s lips is about relationships.

Each of the 78 cards of the Tarot deck has something to say, but sexuality often gets lost or mixed in with romance, love, and other emotions.

Sex and sexuality is a huge part of people’s lives (and maybe the exact reason they are consulting the cards in the first place, even if they aren’t upfront about it).

Non-traditional relationships have become more common as people are acknowledging they are monogamish, in an open relationship, or even a thruple (or something else completely).

And, the full spectrum of gender and sexuality is continuing to emerge as people are discovering who they are and finding the words to share it with others.

Yet, many Tarot readers reluctant to slip into the sheets with the cards.

Sex still comes with a lot of societal stigmas and there are many people who are persecuted for their gender and sexuality. There’s also a lot of shame and trauma in people’s sexual history.

It’s literally a hot topic.

But, that’s also what makes it so fascinating (sex sells after all).

Exploring the sexual side of the Tarot adds a whole new dimension to readings. It allows you to see the full picture when it comes to relationships. It gives you insights into the challenges people have and their behaviours they are struggling with.

In short, it will make you a more well-rounded reader.

It’s very important to me that we celebrate and support the diversity of races, genders, and sexual identity in the Tarot community. With all the shit going on in the world, Tarot readers have the ability to help heal and lift up others.

Which is why I love this topic and was excited to interview Mia Alviz who is teaching Exploring Sexuality Through Tarot at Tarot Summer School this year.

What attracted you to explore sexuality through Tarot?

Most questions people ask are related to relationships but it’s always focused on romance and feelings. Sexuality is a huge part of being human but neglected in readings.

Traditionally, there are only 3-4 cards that are usually associated with sexuality. The other cards’ sexual aspects are not usually taken into account or analyzed.

What I’m trying to do is to extract the sexual behind each of the cards.

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Relationships norms have been changing in the mainstream a lot with people exploring the spectrum of both gender and sexuality, how does that affect Tarot Readers?

Tarot has been around for centuries and was created from a heteronormative, white male’s perspective. The archetypes were simple – the wife, the husband, the mistress, the lover.

It’s important to find ways to include the full spectrum of race, genders, and sexual identity into Tarot.

For many people, they don’t fully understand how to do this.

Every card can be seen in a different context and be interpreted differently based on situations. In the case of relationship questions, readers normally think about romance and emotions but neglect the sexual side of things.

There are fluctuations in how sexual we feel. There are times we have trouble feeling aroused, or are stuck and unmotivated. It’s helpful in readings to be able to identify blockages and to seek insight for moving past them.

Why do you think that Tarot Readers should explore sexuality in the Tarot?

Sexuality is a taboo topic and it doesn’t get explored enough in public and openly discussed.

If you only read for yourself, you can have insight into this area of your life. Readers need to be open to interpreting and discussing all aspects of a reading for the sake of our clients.

There are lots of people who have sexual trauma and the cards can be a way to find answers and heal. Most people don’t get to talk about their experiences and trauma. A reading might be the invitation they need to open up. The reader might also see that they might benefit from professional therapy and can advise them in that direction which could be the first step in their healing process.

Exploring Sexuality Through Tarot Is Now Available

In this course, you’ll learn to unveil and embrace the sexual side of Tarot. Read confidently on sex and sexually-related topics, and add new layers of meaning to your readings for yourself, your friends, and your clients.

Topics Mia will include covered include how to interpret the cards from a sexual perspective, connecting to the sexual energy of the cards, how to read on matters of sex and sexuality and much more.

Perfect whether you want to use the Tarot to enhance your sex life or help others with their sex-related questions.

It is available for purchase as a stand-alone course, or part of the Tarot Summer School Season Pass.

Mia Alviz - Exploring Sexuality Through Tarot

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