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Spotlight on Shaheen Miro – Awakening Intuition With Oracles

The Samurai treated their swords, much like us readers treat our cards (and other divination tools) – with great reverence.

They didn’t see them as something separate – they were an extension of their soul.

We often use our cards as a way to interpret what is going on in our lives (and the lives of our clients) because we can gain meaning from the stories within them.

But you don’t always need them.

When you learn the language of your intuition and how to read the oracles that are all around you,  you connect to the expansive energy field of your soul that holds information and possibilities for enriching your life.

And it is accessible all the time when you’re in the streets, meditation, at dinner, anywhere… even when you don’t have your cards!

Often Oracles are seen as something tangible like a deck of cards or a system like tea leaf reading. But there’s a deep way of working with oracles. It starts by recognizing that you yourself are an Oracle.

Working with oracles give you a language to understand the constant stream of insights and messages that are moving around us. When you work with oracles you create sacred time and space where you move beyond your normal awareness into the in-between where the language of oracles is more understandable.

This is what the wonderful Shaheen Miro teaches in his Tarot Summer School course, Awakening Intuition With Oracles. I interviewed him to find out more about his fascinating experience as an Oracle.

Why do you think exploring this work is important?

I think it’s important for people to feel empowered. One of the best ways for people to feel empowered is to know that they are an Oracle. Everyone is intuitive, everyone has their talents and gifts.

We seek Tarot cards, Oracle cards, or different divination systems because we want to have some kind of insight and clarity, and ultimately we want support. But there are tools and ways to support yourself, that comes from inside of you. That magic is there in you.

You’re an oracle, life is happening because of you and it’s happening around you. All the different experiences that you are having – the good ones and the shitty ones – are happening because it’s trying to tell you something, it’s trying to give you information to grow your soul, your magic, your light.

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You talk about story in your course description, how does it fit in?

The first thing I always explain to people in anything I do is we are always telling an energetic story. For most people, the idea of this energetic story comes from the concept of the aura. We are surrounded by this atmosphere of energy. But our energetic story is the accumulation or the collection of our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs about the world and how the world responds to us.

So it becomes our narrative. When we understand our narrative, we can understand how to change that story. That coupled with the language of intuition (which I also refer to as metaphor) helps us go deeper.

For example, if you feel like something is crazy in your life, look at your home. Is it messy or disorganized? Is there something that’s breaking or needing repair? The room it is in is a metaphor. If it’s your kitchen, it would that be a metaphor of your wellness, how you are feeding and nurturing yourself.

What do you think stops people from connecting with the intuition and looking through oracular eyes?

It’s fear, but there’s a couple of different types of fear that happen. The first one is the fear of not knowing how to do something correctly. I watch people when they learn Tarot or Oracle cards, or tea leaf reading and the first thing people will do is look and say “I don’t know anything about this, I don’t know what it says”.

The fear of not knowing how to do something, or being behind, or being inadequate, or not knowing everything about it really stops people.

I encourage them to step back from that and remember that they didn’t know anything when they first got here to the world, and they somehow made it through. Just be curious, there’s no need to judge or to feel like you have to know all of it right away. You’re exploring something, you’re discovering something about yourself and every stage you go, you’re going to evolve.

The other place people get stuck on when it comes to divination and intuition is the fear that it’s going to change something in their lives. A lot of us hold on to old stories. If I know something about myself, what I’m doing, or how I’m contributing or not contributing to this experience, I can no longer make an excuse.

There’s a fear that it’s going to hold them accountable to something they haven’t wanted to address. Even understanding that about yourself is such a powerful step forward.

There is a level of ownership that comes from doing this work and learning about divination and intuition.

You’re an active participant in your life, and if you’re learning how to do this work yourself, you’re going to have to be very active. You are not only helping yourself but you’re also calling on energy and forces that will lead you to help other people in some way.

It’s two sides of the same coin. You can’t be empowered to create what you want to create in life, without having the other side of taking responsibility for the shit you’ve been avoiding. I think for people it’s scary because there are feelings of shame, or some people think that once you start doing this kind of work, or you have their oracular vision suddenly your life is perfect and you never make a mistake again. But that’s not true it all, life is never perfect.

I’m a very intuitive person and have a very good sense of myself and I still face challenges. And often those challenges are my breakthrough moments. I wouldn’t have known that I could break through to that next thing if I didn’t’ have this perception and this connection to keep going.

That’s where the empowerment piece comes in. So many people have lost, or never had, that sense of themselves. That they are worthy, that they are powerful.

People usually think this is happening to me, this person did this, this thing came up, whatever. We don’t have control over everything but does mean that we get to make choices, and what better way to make choices than with divination so we can see some of these blindspots or hurdles.

That’s a huge piece of what I want to share with people.

How do you think that changes how you are seeing the world and how do you start to see it in your life?

Even when you don’t see an alternative immediately, you start to know that there has to be one.

For example, you’re in a really difficult spot in your work fand you don’t know what to do. You know that you don’t like this job and want to quit it, but don’t see anything else to replace it.

Without your Oracular eyes, you can get stuck in this narrow perspective only looking from a more analytical place. They only see where they are and think that is it without understanding the energetics.

If you look at it with your oracular eyes you start to see that your energy is invested in this thing that you don’t want and that is holding everything there. When you look at it through these other eyes you see what’s happening the periphery. Even if you don’t know what’s happening the periphery you still know enough to look. When you start to look, changing that perspective summons something else.

So looking through this other perception helps people understand that they can’t get stuck in the tunnel vision. It makes you curious enough to ask questions that help you pivot and shift. That’s actually a big part of what I teach people is asking questions isn’t just a way of getting answers, but a way of helping yourself get really present with where you are so that you call back all of the energy that you’ve been losing through worry or doubt or just narrow perspective. And then suddenly you have this flexibility where you can shift and change and pivot and see things in a different way.

I think the other part of it that is really important, and again this is all a natural byproduct of shifting into this, is that synchronicities start to happen. With synchronicity, you often can’t even ask for something to have worked out the way that it did.

To me, that is the magic of all of this. When you start to use your intuition and you start to use your energy intentionally, and even going to the point of doing magic, you realize that the more you do those things, the less you need them because you begin to internalize the work that you been consciously doing for so long and I think that’s why the synchronicities are powerful. You stop having to put energy in having to control things.

When we start this process we become hyper-aware of what we’re doing, how choices are made, how conscious you’re being, but after you start you realize that you don’t have to be in control all the time, you just have to be engaged.

We often want a very clear and specific answer right now. What actually needs to happen is to let this energy come to the surface, which is our flow, this point of attraction, so it can do the work that it’s meant to do. So much of getting clear is just getting out of your own way. But you gotta wander out of it, to wander back into it, to wander out of it again.

I always think of this type of work like Yoga. There’s part intention, part surrender. Sometimes you get yourself into a pose you didn’t even know you could do. The only way to discover any of that is to just let yourself move. I think that’s very much how intuition works, whatever system you use, magic, all of it. It’s one of the same to me. Sometimes you just have to stop and breathe in it.

One of the things I teach peopel with Oracle cards specifically is what I call an energy medicine window which laying out cards, but not interpreting them. People with such a hard time with this. They automatically start putting meaning to it. Just lay them out and let yourself receive what is there. It could be the colour, or whatever else is there.

We naturally see stories, that’s how we are. But you don’t have to get lost in the story, just let yourself receive and you might find that whatever thing stuck out to you whatever energy or medicine is coming to you shows up in some other way later and you didn’t have to do anything with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about doing. I love doing, but there is a time and a place for it. I try to find the balance between encouraging people to make choices and take action and also just letting themselves be in the unknown. I think it sometimes seems counter-intuitive for an intuitive person to not know what’s happening right now but it’s equally valid and important. It’s when you are trying to control something that’s half baked.

It’s having the discretion to know it’s not time to make this happen, I’m fighting uphill as opposed resisting this when it’s time to make it happen.

You can explore and find this out through doing divination and this inner work. It makes me think of a podcast I listened to with Oprah and you can hear her enthusiasm and she said “when everything stops in your life and you see red lights everywhere, just stop what you are doing and do something else. Why is it so hard?”

I thought wow, it really is that easy sometimes.

Another thing that I will explore is looking at the kind of questions that we ask. What I find a lot of times with my clients is that they’ll come and ask a question like “when am I going to find the man of my dreams?”.

Let’s start there and work our way into “when are you going to be ready for the man of your dreams?” and then it’s like “why aren’t you ready yet”. What you realize is that there’s a question under the question. But having the courage to ask that question is really important because again that’s the stopping, the pausing, the suspending of that control that you’ve been trying to have over it.

You give yourself a little space for more to come through.

Awakening Intuition With Oracles Is Now Available

In this course, you’ll learn how to work with oracles in a more dynamic and inspired way, work intuitively with any Oracle system and move through the world as the living oracle that you are!

It is available for purchase as a stand-alone course, or part of the Tarot Summer School Season Pass.

Shaheen Miro - Awakening Intuition With Oracles

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