Spotlight on Toni Puhle – Lenormand From Scratch

Toni Puhle is also known as The Card Geek. She is a gamer, is super cool, and I’m totally into her decks. As a self-proclaimed Geek, I instantly fell in love with her.

She was also one of our most popular Summer School teachers from last year and I’m so to have her return this year to teach Lenormand From Scratch.

I interviewed her to learn more about her unique experience and perspective on card reading.

How did you get started with your journey in card reading?

It is very hard to pinpoint the when, and how, it just happened. I have always been a diviner and my divination toolbelt has been grown upon over the years. Cartomancy was something that was always there. I have been working with spirit since I was a little girl and I continued to develop as I grew. Astral-Travel, Cartomancy, Channelling, Energetic Cleansing has always been a large part of my life and all forms of divination form the basis of my existence! I LIVE divination daily.

What attracted you to working with the Lenormand?

The Petit Lenormand and other systems are amazing for predictive accuracy, they take the confusion out of any read and speak plain old straight language, no fluffiness, no woo-woo, no added extras that fluff up a read. If you are practical in your application of Lenormand it is really hard to get a reading wrong! You ask a straight question, you get a straight answer. No rocket science is required and no channelling or mediumship if you do not want to – simply lay the cards and read the short and sharp spot on predictive answer!

What are the benefits of working the Lenormand?

Lenormand will tell you exactly what will happen in your life with no room for misunderstanding. Lenormand lays out the details of a situation clearly and highlights events that will arise and even give them a time stamp if you practice! Lenormand is also great for on the go and questions of a daily basis – every day cartomancy. My two boys lay either Lenormand, Kipper or Gypsy Cards daily and ask what will happen at school, they run out of the school gates at home time and tell me how the cards applied to their days. It is this simple observation of seeing the cards actually come up in a day where not much is happening – but nailing the read/day nonetheless.

For someone who has never worked with their Lenormand, what can they expect?

The Lenormand from Scratch course will teach you the basics of the Lenormand language and how to apply it to a situation. This course has been devised to ensure the reader takes off their Tarot hat and consider system reading techniques. Someone who has never worked with Lenormand can expect to get a solid foundation on how to correctly read the system and get direct and accurate answers.
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Do you need to be a witch or psychic to do this work?

I am so pleased you asked this question. The answer is – absolutely not! When you learn the ins and outs of a system you understand how the language is applied. It takes away doubts and concerns and a need for an intuitive read. You do not need to be the woo-woo queen, anybody in any walk of life, can lay cards and read an answer to their question. The most practical of scientific types can jump in and not be overwhelmed with a need for long whooshing readings. Your questions will clearly be answered in clear structured sentences and finished!

Why do you think Tarot readers should explore this work?

The Petit Lenormand is a great Tarot companion. It can be read stand alone or with your Tarot deck to bring your reads down to a practical level, it can also help the tarot reader understand the practical side of their tarot deck! Tarot can be equally as practical and predictive, but many readers lose themselves in the spiritual or emotional side of tarot life.

Lenormand brings the reader back to day-to-day predictions and how to see the future clearly in the Tarot Deck and even give a clear time and date to their querents without fuss or ado. Tarot readers would also benefit going back to basics with their Tarot deck and exploring Tableau style reads and how the tarot language works in a tableau. Lenormand and other systems, teach the tarot reader how to apply a language that can highlight predictions clearly.

How do you personally use this work in your own life?

Lenormand, Kipper and Gypsy Cards are my main port of call for readings. As a professional reader I have found that my clients respond to the tableau reads of systems with a good sense of “Oh my god how did you know that??” A Lenormand tableau will explain exactly what will happen and when it will happen, even down to the week it will happen in if required. Once you master the language and techniques of a system you will understand the minutest detail of a situation and how you can manifest the best possible future.

Le Petit Lenormand is the perfect system when you want a no-nonsense read and want to know exactly what the future holds.

Lenormand From Scratch Is Now Available

It is available for purchase as a stand-alone course, or part of the Tarot Summer School Season Pass.

Toni Puhle - Lenormand From Scratch

People are already raving!

“I love Toni’s creative mind! her courses are not more repetitive, there is always something new! ” -Christine Petta

“Thanks Toni… You are so amazing, thank you for being on hand to guide us… <3” -Rene Bee

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