STOP Right Now Tarot Spread

STOP Right Now Tarot Spread

This Tarot spread was created as a gentle wake up call to quits on some of the stuff you are maybe unaware you are doing.

Stop Right Now!

I can’t help but Hear the word Stop and immediately channel my inner Spice Girl. (My favorite was always Posh Spice)

Or Stop. Hammer Time.

Anyway I digress.

I feel like we as a spiritual community don’t give some things enough credit that are not along the lines of ‘your life is all rainbow fluffs and unicorns’.

Acknowledging, observing and working with our shadow side is super important to grow. So this Tarot spread was created as a gentle wake up call to quit some of the shit you are maybe unaware you are doing. When we start to look at our Shadow it can be a little uncomfortable so be gentle to yourself as well. My boyfriend and I both have times when we can be  little short with each other when we are working on certain parts of ourselves. We give each other some space and understanding during those times. So fair warning.

Stop Tarot Spread Ethony

1. Stop physically doing
2. Stop mentally doing
3. Stop emotionally doing
4. Stop spiritually doing

Tips for Reading the Cards for this Spread

For this Tarot spread when you are reading it don’t over think the answer. The first thing that pops into your head go with it.  Another tip for reading the cards is to look at the figure in the Tarot Card and what they are physically doing, or how you think they will be feeling, what they are thinking or what would make their soul happy.

Hit me up via the comments section on this post or on my Facebook page if you get stuck on any cards you pull. Fair warning though oracle cards may not be very useful with this spread. But they may also rock. But if you are sending questions my way on Oracle cards I may not be able to help. Why you ask? Because Oracle decks are usually very one dimensional  with a fixed meaning where as the Tarot has multiple meanings. But it could work.

So I’m off to listen to the Spice Girls and drive my boyfriend crazy!



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Until Next week...

5 thoughts on “STOP Right Now Tarot Spread”

  1. Hi!
    In the “Stop spiritually doing”, the card I got were 4 of wands
    What does it mean? That I need to stop celebraiting spirituallity?

    Thank you! <3

  2. Ethony, for card #1, I have the Page of Earth. So, does it mean I should stop viewing self as a person without options of where to wander? Know that I have freedom to participate or not in unequal conversations (persons involved are at unequal status)?

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