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Favorite Summer Tarot and Oracle Decks

  It’s that time again. Here are the Tarot and Oracle decks that I have been drawn to and using for my personal and Client readings. TAROT DECKS The Animal Totem Tarot This deck has been calling to be used for a lot of my Client readings. Especially about Career, Spiritual business and Spiritual path working. It is so stunning and the guidebook is fantastic. I have a lot of animal decks and books and there are some gems in the book about animal magic and messages Victorian Romantic Tarot This deck is sadly out of print but it is

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Money Magic Manifestation Cards

A new deck has arrived! This new deck was born out of my personal work with manifesting my money mojo and writing the Money Manifestation and Tarot Course for the Tarot Readers Academy. Hence it’s name — Money Magic Manifestation Cards. I have been working on clearing my money baggage and ramping up my money mojo for a while now by decluttering and shedding old beliefs while fostering a mindset of abundance and prosperity. This is, of course, linked to money, but it is also impacts all areas of life. Who doesn’t want to live abundantly? Who doesn’t want to

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